Cooking is one of my prime interests. I just loveee experimenting in the kitchen and it kind of works like a therapy for me. I just wanted to put them all in one place … the recipes handed down through the generations, the ones I find online, from the books, those I get to learn from friends, my own inventions ahem etc.. so that its easier to get back to them when I need to.  I need to have the successful experiments jotted down somewhere, no? 😛 Hope u all like them too 🙂

14/09/2012 ETA: I used to post recipes on my food blog ‘Adige Aramane’ ( before. Starting today, this blog will be the Pit-Stop for sharing all my interests. Just in case u wonder about the different ‘Adige Aramane’ copyright on the pics in the old recipe posts 🙂

Break your fast


Dal/ Rasam/ Sambar

Festival Platters

For the sweet tooth

Italian Khana

Rice and its varieties

Salads/ Raithas/ Kosambaris


With Rotis and Rice