Our Day2 stopover during the Bengaluru-Mumbai road-trip was at Panchgani, more because of it’s proximity to Pratapgad, which we wanted to visit at any cost. We had no time for “sight-seeing” in Panchgani, and figured out we did not need it too! Every single thing in Panchgani offered a visual treat ….

… like this bungalow we had booked for our stay!


…. or this view which only needed us to climb down a flight of stairs from the bungalow


… or the abundance of fresh vegetables all around including broccoli, lettuce, red radishes, carrots and so on.


…oh how can one miss the luscious strawberries! Slurp!


But one thing we were very sure we had to visit in Panchgani, and were dying to be there was the Mapro garden; and it was so totally worth it.  Droolicious food prepared oh-so-hygienically with mostly locally grown, locally made ingredients.

DSC_5029 DSC_5030

DSC_5034 DSC_5037


DSC_5040 DSC_5031

Need I say anything more? We carried a lot of stuff back home too, including jams, squashes, chocolate spreads and so on, and were not disappointed one bit with any of them. The crowd management and hospitality were amazing, even with the huge numbers that poured in because of the vacations. What a wholesome package!