The Song of Life

In love with life

55er – We did it :)

Could she or couldn't she? It was tempting of course, but was ages since she had given a try. Giving up was easier, but doing it would leave her happier. It worked again, that circle of love, cheer, and just... Continue Reading →

It happens only in India

Stolen glances

One of the choicest blessings in my life is that I get to visit the nooks and corners of India, and learn a lot from every place and it's people.  If being born in a travel crazy family and married to... Continue Reading →

Dining out at Euki

I had just started writing an elaborate, heartfelt post, when Su who was out running some errands called and asked me to get ready and dash down in about 10 mins. He was excited about this new Mexican-n-Italian dine-in he... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Love across the Salt Desert

Love across the Salt Desert is a collection of 20 short stories, fiction set against the backdrop of real-life happenings including the partition of India, the invasion of Ghazni etc.. The title is what made me buy the book, what... Continue Reading →

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