Kannada Rhymes-Tulika’s Blogathon4 ….Day10 Post2

This is my entry for Tulika’s Blogathon4 .. we are supposed to write rhymes in our Mother Tongue. These are some I have enjoyed singing and teaching them to my chotu cousins 🙂

This is the first time I am participating in their Blogathon, though I have a lot of their rhymes CDs and consider their books and CDs as best gifts for children 🙂 🙂

Thanks so much Tulika for it was a such a lovely journey down the memory lane and thanks Uma for telling me about this one 🙂

The lines in blue are in Kannada and the ones in maroon are  in English …. translated as much as I could 🙂

1. While eating biscuits

Biscuit Angadi Ranganna.
Biscuit Shop’s Ranganna.

Banhhadha Biscuit Kodanna.

Please give me colourful biscuits.

Karavu Beku; Sihiyanu haaku.
I want spices; also add some sweet.

Begane Bharaniya Kodanna.
Please give me the bottle of biscuits quickly.


2. We used to sing this one while running around in a circle and clapping aloud; I remember singing this song even during our Scouts and Guides classes.

Karadi Bettake Hoyitu Karadi Bettake Hoyitu.
The bear went to the hills, the bear went to the hills.

Karadi Bettake Hoyitu Nota Nodalu.
The bear went to the hills for sightseeing.

Noditenadu Noditenadu? Noditenadu Noditenadu?

What did the bear see? What did the bear see?

Bettada Innondu Bhaga Bettada Innondu Bhaga
The other side of the mountain, the other side of the mountain.

Bettada Innondu Bhaga Karadi Noditu
The other side of the mountain the bear could see.

Marava Hathithu Halasu Kithitu
It climbed a tree,pluck a jack-fruit.

Jenu Thanditu Kalasi Thinditu
Brought some honey, mixed and ate.

Bettada Innondu Bhaga Bettada Innondu Bhaga

The other side of the mountain, the other side of the mountain.

Bettada Innondu Bhaga Karadi Noditu
The other side of the mountain the bear could see.


Thanks to my aunt who reminded me about all those below and told me she had actually learnt it from me initially when I had just started school 😉

3. This one is sung while teaching children about a clock.

Ganteya Nentane O Gadiyara.
O Clock, a Relative of Time.

Belhhiya Banhhada Dolakara.
Silver-coloured and circular.

Hothanu Thilhiyalu Neenadhaara.
You help us to know the time.

Tick tick Geleya tick tick tick.
Tick tick Friend tick tick tick.

Hagalu Irulhu Onde Balhu.

Your life is the same day and night.

Neenyavagalu Dhudiyuva Aalhu.
You keep working all the time.

Kiviyanu Hindalu Ninagade Koolhu.
Just twisting your ears is your food. [This refers to setting the clock]

Tick tick Geleya tick tick tick.
Tick tick Friend tick tick tick.


4. This one is about a Slate and chalk ….  the first thing we used to own then while going to school 🙂

Nanna Slateu Kariyadu.
My slate is black in colour.

Adara Kattu Bilhiyadu.
Its frame in white in colour.

Bariyalikke Baruvudu.
Its so helpful to write.

Bahalha Chanda Iruvudu.
And very pretty to look at!

Appa Dhuddu Kottanu.
Daddy gave me money.

Balhapavannu Thandenu.
And we bought a slate.

aa Aa ee Ee Baredenu.
I wrote aa Aa ee Ee.  [Kannada alphabets]

Ammana Munde Hididenu.
I held it in front of my Mom.

Amma Higgi Hodhalhu.
She felt very very happy.

Unde Bella Kottalu.
She gave me jaggery to eat.

Gaba Gaba Thindenu.
I gobbled it all up.

Thaka Thaka Kunhidenu.
And danced happily.


5. This one teaches kids the concept of Sound.

Janha Janha Janha.
Janha Janha Janha.

Jebu Thumba Hanha.

Pocket full of money.

Melake Esedu Bilhalu Saddhu TanTanaTana.
Put it up and catch it .. makes a sound TanTanaTana.

Nadiyalondu Baka Mudurikondu Mukha.

There’s a crane in the river, has its face twisted.

Kalanethhi Kunhiyuthitu Thai Thaka Thaka.
Was lifting its leg up and dancing ThaiThakahaka.

Sutha Hasiru Bana Naduve Meyva Dhana.

Green fields all around and cows grazing at the centre.

Marada Balhi Gollanobba ThanaNanaNa.
A cowherd near the tree .. playing on his flute ThanaNanaNa.


6. This one teaches the concept of numbers!

Ondu Eradu Balhele Haradu.
One Two, place the plantain leaf.

Mooru Nalakku Anna Haaku.
Three Four, serve the rice.

Aidu Aaru Belhe Saaru

Five Six, Rasam is served.

Elhu Entu Palyake Dhantu.

Seven Eight, a curry of amaranth.

Ombattu Hathu Ele Mudirethu.

Nine Ten, clear up the leaves.

Ondarinda Hathu Heegitu Ottada Aatavu Mugidithu.

This was from One to Ten and the end of the food game.


7. This one is about the conversation between a Cat and a boy.

Bekke Bekke Muddina Sokke Ellige Hogide.
Oh cat, my dear cat, tell me where had you been?

Karedaru Illa Haalu Bella Kaayisi Ittide.
I called you, had milk and jaggery for you, but no response.

Kelho Kalhha Muddina Malla Mysore Aramanege.

Oh my boy, dear boy, I had been to the Mysore Palace.

Rajana Sangada Raniyu Idhalhu Antahpuradolhage.
The Queen was with the King in their beautiful room.

Bekke Bekke Begane Helhe Enadu Ananda.

Oh cat, tell me fase why are you so happy?

Raniya Manchada Kelhage Kandenu Chilipili Iliyonda.

Below the Queen’s cot, I found a naughty rat and so I am happy.



  1. haaa… you reminded me my childhood.. My mom used to sing the rhymes for me.. there is another rhyme, naayi mari naayi mari thindi beka.. thindi beku thirtha beku yella beku and so on.. Good post swar…


  2. Awww! That is so cute! I have to do this too! It is so wonderful to read rhymes in different languages 🙂

    I so want to do this too!


  3. wow. this is very nice.. if only you could incorporate the tunes too, we could all learn it and sing to our kiddos. very very nice.. 🙂 thanks for sharing..


  4. I’m happy to see the kannada rhymes here! Though born and brought up in Karnataka, i remember only 2 of the rhymes… we had kannada as 3rd language in school and i didnt read much of kannada beyond that 😦

    Lovely header Swaram!


    1. Oh I learnt all this @ my first school, which was just like a playhome 🙂
      I studied in a Central school and all that I know of Kannada is what I learnt @ home 🙂 🙂

      Thanks so much .. that is the toy train from Kalka to Shimla 🙂


  5. Awwww this is all so sweeet!
    Thr are ones that go in the same lines of “One Two Buckle My Shoe; Three Four Shut The Door..” and “Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where have you been? I’ve been to London To See The Queen..” !!

    Awww…thanks a TON for sharing. Love it. Love it. Love it.
    Plus, i’ve learnt some kannada. Am bookmarking ths 🙂


      1. Let me make my tag post here itself.

        Chekkante Palla nokku
        rubber panthu pole
        njan oru kathi taram
        ni onnu kuthi nokku

        Look at the guy’s stomach
        it looks like a rubber ball
        I will give you a knife
        you can try punching him :mrgreen:


        1. LOL there’s something abt this in Kannada too .. I dint put it up bcoz its nt nice to teach kids to tease no ahem 😛 😛 😛

          Dollu hotte baari avane dummanachari
          hotte ella mundhe kaalu kai hinde
          avana mukhavvu sanha deha kappu banha aane yanthe dunna
          avane dummana chari

          Habbadauta undanu
          thuppada holhige entu
          ambode ippathu-entu
          paayasa entu kappu
          nodavarella beppu


  6. SH had related number 6 to me yesterday. Am going to teach my lil’ Kannada-learning daughter all these rhymes. There’s a fab cassette (hopefully CD too), called Kaliyona Banni…I totally loved the rhymes on that,


  7. This is great compilation Swaram. Here S sings a version of the bear song – “The bear went over the mountain” in English. Didn’t know we had that in Kannada, cool!


  8. Thanks for reminding me…I remember:

    Naayi mari, naayi mari, thindi beke,
    thindi beku, teertha beku, ella beku

    and the Kannada version of Twinkle Twinkle

    Minugele minugele nakshatra
    Nanagadu (don’t remember) balu chitra
    (something something) balu dooradali
    Minugele vajra haadiyali

    Then, the same tune:
    Baa, baa, baa, baa nanna gombe
    Petege hogona baa gombe
    Neenidda angadige hogona,
    Ninagondu loulak koLLona…

    (My gran used to sing this to me. Happy memories 🙂 )

    There was something with a parrot also…will come back when I remember it!


    1. Oh I dnt know the 2nd and 3rd 🙂 The first one ws there on the Tulika website itself 🙂 So I cud nt add that one 🙂

      I know one abt gubbi mari .. parrot, nt sure 🙂


  9. I dont even remember the english nursery rhymes, how do you remember the regional ones ?? but seriously, none of those rhymes make sense now ! 😀 😀 😀

    you know what, these rhymes are like some of those 90’s hindi songs…..remember there was a song…”rain is coming, chama cham cham”….then, “tan ta naa tan , tan tan tara, chalti hai kya 9 se 11” 😀 😀 😀 😀


  10. WOW, didn’t know there were so many kannada rhymes, and my mom didn’t teach me even a single one!! Calling her RIGHT NOW!! 😛


  11. What a coincidence ! I am also working on compilation of all such songs in my blog which I remember from my child hood days so as to teach them to Anvith as well. But the post is still in my draft and this post of yours is reminding me to complete mine soon.

    Very nicely written and all poems are cute 🙂


  12. hey that was the loveliest post!! And your are so diligent with translations and all 🙂 Thank you dear !!
    I loved the biscuits one….simple childhood days 🙂 🙂


  13. Wow you are like a train on an extra tank of diesel haan? 2 posts in one day and is that how your NaBlo is gonna be for the rest of the month? 😯

    Ok first let me comment to the train post (am saving your energy for replying to my comments at two places, see how considerate and caring I am) 😥

    Those were some awesome train tales. Loved your header pic. My fondest memories of Trains are the ones we took every year from Mumbai to Kerala. The whole family after a 20 day vacation in Mumbai would board the train. Like you said we had the whole compartment to ourselves and it would be home for two days. God the things me and my brothers did in those two days 😯

    Ok now this rhyming post

    You remember all that haan? I don’t even remember what Jack told Jill and who came tumbling down 😦 But I think most of the rhymes are just like those English ones..you know like the cat who went to see the queen etc etc.

    Ok so can you give a hint for your next post? so that I can comment right now?? 😛


    1. LOL … I hd myself forgotten that I hd scheduled the gyaan post today Saksh 😛 😛

      But seriously, u r soooo caring 😛 😛

      Actually, I hv always felt the rhymes in regional languages are more meaningful … some in English r nt worth teaching kids 🙂

      The cat one is similar 🙂

      Wowww .. whole compartment u too … awesome 🙂


  14. Oh sooooooo sweet!!! Lovely rhymes!!! Its a shame that I don’t remember any Tamil rhymes at all, infact, I think my folks taught us only Englipees rhymes. For my kiddo however, I download regional rhymes off youtube 🙂


  15. Btw, Swaram, look at the gall of those English folks, to copy the last rhyme into their ‘Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have u been? I’ve been to London, to see the Queen’!!!


  16. Loved reading your post. Kannada is not my mother-tongue, Marathi is. But since we are in Bangalore my daughter has Kannada at school since 1st Std, and many of these are songs she has been taught at school. Have shown this post to her too, and she was reading with a big delighted smile!


  17. Hey, so glad u took this up. Lovely songs…wish you could put up a audio too for the tunes…you see, its boring to just read it. 🙂


  18. I studied in Kannada medium till 5th std. You reminded me of those days. I remember ‘dollu hotte’ and naayi mari !

    This is interesting, Swaram!


    1. Oh naayi mari ws a hot fav alva 🙂 Adanna site nalle kottidru as an example. So cud nt add it here 🙂

      Dollu hotte I wrote it in reply to one of the comments above .. a very funny one no 😛 😛


  19. Loved the rhymes 🙂
    and the last one, cat and the boy, seems to be in all languages with minor variations:)

    and btw, I am reading all yr posts :), just not able to comment regularly though:( and each one is lovely what with dahi vada, train journeys and gyaans 🙂


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