Chutney with Red Chillies

Its been a longgg time since I put in something here and so, time to spice it up with something yummy 🙂 With the easy availability of fresh red chillies in every corner here in Hyderabad, I would not be doing justice if I don’t put up this recipe here. Thanks a lot Mom for the recipe. It turned out gr8 and its pretty simple too.


Red Chillies -1/2 a kg
Salt – acc. to taste [I added a little less than a fistful]
Fenugreek [methi] – 2 tsp
Lemons – 2 large


Wash the red chillies and pat them dry with a clean white cloth. Grind them along with the salt in a mixer into a coarse mixture. Let the mixture stay in a air-tight container for 2 full days. After 2 days, dry roast the methi till it turns golden brown and grind into a fine powder. Add this to the chili-salt paste and grind into a fine paste. U won’t require water for this. Now, add the juice of 2 lemons to this and grind again just for them to be mixed well. Tan Ta Dan! The chutney is ready to be eaten. It can be stored for a long time[upto 1 yr] if preserved properly [fridge, air-tight container]. Serve with rice, rotis, dosa, idli and enjoy 🙂





  1. Wow nice .. do it and lemme know :)I hv an idea of posting a lot Monu .. many of my friends follow this one actually … so don't want to integrate it with the main blog .. that will turn into a recipe blog then 😛 😛


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