Bharat Desh Hamara Hai!

As we celebrate 60 years of Republic India today, memories of those days in school when we used to look forward to the celebrations have been playing on my mind. Republic Day and Independence day for me meant the programs in school, followed by a wonderful musical evening in honour of those war heroes who are awake at dawn or dusk keeping vigil for us to be able to lead a peaceful life every single day and the eternal heroes who got us the freedom we enjoy today . Me and sis were part of a group which performed in the same 😀   I still remember how we used to get ready to go, all the while running to the living room to catch up with the movie running – somehow I remember it to be Roja for most of the yrs 😛

My music teachers in school Naglakshmi and Malini deserve a special mention here for the gr8 work they used to put in training a group of about 20 of us every year to sing some wonderful patriotic songs. And every yr, come August or January, we sisters could just not wait to know which songs featured in the list that time. It was the excitement about learning new songs as much as getting to perform on such a special occasion too.

My music teachers have really played a very important role in shaping my life … well, however and whatever it is now I mean 😛   Thanks to Nagalakshmi, we had even got a chance to perform on AIR quite a few times and even on Doordarshan for I-day once. I was in Class5 then and it was a music program where each one of us represented one state in our attire and rendered a few songs. I was from Rajasthan 😀   I am still in touch with them and it feels so nice to be so after sooo many years 🙂

Malini madam is visually challenged, but she is more enthusiastic than many of us probably and always has this smile on her face … I hv never seen her brood over it or complaining.  One such year, she was telling us that she had been to a Music conference for the visually challenged, where she met 5 sisters who were from Pakistan. They had written a song on India and needless to say, that featured in our list of songs to be performed that year.  M and N composed the music for the song and we were ready to go. It was a huge hit and people were touched esp. when she told them who had penned down the same.

Now that I hv blown my own trumpet and told u this long story, I would love to share this song with all of u. When we common folks have no problem with any nation or people, what are these attacks going on for 😦 Letz all hope that better times are waiting ahead and send out a prayer for the same. Peace be to all!

भारत देश हमारा है

प्राण से बढ्कर प्यारा है ।

झ्ण्डा इस्का न्यारा है

इस्को हमने निखारा है ।

ईश्वर का वरदान है ये

बापु का अरमान है ये ।

धर्मो की पहचान है ये

हम सब का अभिमान है ये ।

नदियो की भौचार है ये

कवियो का श्रुन्गार है ये ।

भाषा का भण्डार है ये

एकता की पुकार है ये ।

वीरो की कुरुबानी है

ये अन्मोल निशानी है ।

अपनी ज़िन्दगानी है

इस देश की अमर कहानी है ।

हिन्दुस्तान आज़ाद रहे

ये धरती आबाद रहे ।

कोई ना फ़रियाद रहे

अपनी वाणी मे स्वाद रहे !

Btw, did any of get a chance to listen to Phir Mile Sur?  ‘Mile Sure Mera Tumhara’ does arouse that sense of patriotism every time we listen to it isn’t it?  I kind of liked Phir Mile Sur too [in bits and pieces] 🙂

What better way to celebrate the day than attending a wonderful music concert by Pt.Shivkumar Sharma and Ustad Zakir Hussain ‘The splendor of the Masters .. together thru the decades‘  Life has really been musical of late 😉

P.S: I did try to put the meaning in English, but somehow felt I cud nt do justice to this song. Its beauty lies in its simplicity for me and any attempt to do the same may not preserve it. Sorry 🙂


  1. I was planning to tweet the video and such a coincidence that I clicked on your blog and found the video here. 🙂

    Let me read the post now. Happy Republic Day!


            1. Thanks dear. Just watched it. That is just the trailer. Picture abhi baaki hai…hahaha. I am sure someone will upload it in few hours.

              Still for me the old is gold but let me keep my heart and eyes open for the new one too. 🙂


  2. I saw the making of Phir mile sur mera tumhara with SRK, Rehman, Bindra, Salman, Deepika, Ranbir etc. Is the video out? Let me youtube.

    Beautiful post on a beautiful day (well it is still evening here) 🙂


  3. Happy Republic Day to you too Swaram 🙂 Wow…it must have been quite an experiece to sing over AIR. I remember while growing up Manoj Kumar movies used to be played all the time on TV. I guess you are much younger than me if Roja used to be played on TV while you were growing up 😉 And I love that Mile Sur Mera Tumhara song. It used to be a fav on the DD channels.


    1. Thanks Homey and wish u the same. U ppl r so quick!
      Ya Homey …. there used to be Upkaar too many a times … when I ws in high school and ws patient enuf to catch up with a movie, I think it used to be Roja almost every time 😛 😛

      Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is an all time fav. rt 🙂


  4. I really thought you just published and I would press this comment button to mark that 1st position..but seems that Sols was quicker 😦

    Anyways,aaj 26th Jan hai so 1st position jane dee 😉

    Happy republic day to you too Swaru 🙂 Nice post !


      1. Oh that song is all time fav for most of us isn’t it 🙂
        Wish the second one ws half as gud .. well, its just gud in bits n pieces for me 😛 😛


  5. avvvvvvvvvvvv…i thot the title had something to do with SAHARA parivar!! 😀 😀 kattabommi…u definitely deserve blog ratna 😀


  6. Happy Republic day to you too !! 🙂

    I truly love the song and I think it needs to be played again and again on TV… We actually need the song Mile Sur Mera tumhara most now… as regionalism is reaching crazy levels !!!!!!!


    1. I lovveee the first one Shru .. thatz the reason I said kinda like the second one 😛 😛 Its just a few parts that stand out for me 🙂

      Old one .. evergreen 😀


  7. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara brings back so many memories … 🙂 🙂
    somehow celebrations and national holidays like these mean much more when u are kids… there is so much more enthusiasm. as adults, we’ll be lucky if we sit to watch the parade on DD :-/


  8. Great memories of the Republic Day Swaram.. & thanks for the videos links..
    every time i watch/listen the earlier ver i have goosebumps 🙂 i like it so much.

    lets hope the new one is good too..

    Happy Republic Day to all the Indians who make us proud.


  9. I am hearing the second song for the first time! I am used to the old gem!

    Your teachers are great human beings and you are an example for that, Swaram. In my school days too (!), I participated in musical programmes on Independence and Republic days, thanks for reminding me of those days too.

    Bharat Desh hamara hai … lyrics are very good. Pakistanis wrote this means, this is very very important to reach more people, Swaram.


    1. Ya … we hv all grown up listening to the old one na 🙂 Its carved a niche for itself and will hv a seat reserved in our hearts eternally 🙂

      Oh wow .. so nice to know u did that too 🙂

      Yes Sandhya .. I wanted those lines to be read my many ppl 🙂


  10. What a lovely post,Swar. Nostalgia-ridden! The poem is beautiful.It would have been even more so if we could hear you sing it 🙂

    I saw the new video of phil mile sur..I liked it but I still prefer the first one. Maybe its a matter of getting used to the current version. I hope the more I hear the more it will grow into me like the earlier one did 🙂


    1. LOL Deepu .. us ure it wud hv been better then 😛 😛 Reconsider 😉 😉

      I prefer the first one anyday. This just does nt reach those heights .. I liked a few parts of it bas 🙂


  11. Lovely post! 🙂

    Happy Republic Day to you too and did you put down those hindi lyrics? Its cute 🙂 🙂

    And Sadly, I dint like the new mile sur much 😦 Still a fan of the old one…


    1. Thanks Nova .. that song ws with me since my school days .. just copied it here 🙂

      I am a fan of the old one too … I just said I kind of liked the new one .. atleast dint hate all of it 🙂


  12. Awesome Header! Loved that very much. It doesn’t matter whether old was good or the new one… the meaning is the same and it delivers what it is supposed to be…


  13. wonderful poem(I didn’t understand,though! :P)–that it was written by pak sisters made me see the wonder!!Happy Republic Day!!


  14. wow Swaram, you got a chance to sing on AIR…cool!!!
    Have you continued to practise singing????

    Happy Republic day lady!!!!


    1. Sadly, I hv nt been doing it seriously after shifting to Hyd 😦 I want to get bk to it soon 🙂 Am nt a gr8 singer though 😛 😛


  15. Happy Republic Day! For me, memories came flooding back from 1984 when I was part of the parade, Air Wing marching contingent, was also the Air Wing Best cadet that year. Marching past Gyani Zail Singh (Pres), Smt Indira Gandhi (PM-she died later the same year) and King Jigme Singhye Wangchuck of Bhutan as Chief Guest. 60 Republic Days, maybe 60 RD Parades and I have been one of the few thousand who have marched on Rajpath on RD, from among a Billion people. Watching the parade on NDTV brought back flood of memories. My father who stood among the crowd to watch me, my mom and sis who went to Bangalore to catch a glimpse on TV but could not due to power cut at that time! Me getting medal at RD Camp, meeting President at Rashtrapathi Bhawan, meeting Indira Gandhi for Guard of honor, being briefly on Doordarshan and then in Deccan Herald in Bangalore…Sorry for beating my own drum here but there’s no way to describe taking part in such events..albeit 25 years ago!


    1. Oh y nt beat it Capt? I enjoyed listening to it 🙂 Infact, I love reading these memoirs of urs 🙂 U r welcome to share them here … its a pleasure 🙂


  16. Mile sur mera tumhara is one of my all time fav songs… the feeling of patriotism it can invoke couldnt be expressed in words… listening to phir mile sur 🙂
    thanks for sharing the videos 🙂
    Happy republic day 🙂


  17. Wow, you sang in AIR and was in DD – wow!!!
    It ws a group performance Smithu 🙂
    We hd taken part in a Science pgm few times .. once abt animals, another one on magnets and abt the Earth 🙂

    I have similar memories of Republic Day and started a post like this – when I saw yours – so gave up 🙂
    Oh girl! U shud hv written it na .. pls do it for the next one 🙂
    Thought I would comment here instead 🙂 Republic Day used to be more fun that Independence day. We used to have a colony wide celebration at a stadium in which all the schools and different departments of Tata motors used to participate. And it used to be so much fun, whether we participate or just cheer – it used to be special. And then after all the Republic Day celebrations, we used to have picnics in the afternoon. I used to love it so much!
    Oh wow! Followed by picnics too… thatz some real fun 🙂

    There is something about this day. As we grew up the true importance of the day registered somewhere along the way. The diversity, the culture, the unity, everything is embodied in Mile Sur, isn’t it? just as it is, in our Constitution. I mean, there might be thousands of things that is not right in our country, but one of the biggest things that is right, is our constitution and I feel so proud to be Indian.
    Exactly Smithu .. I hate when ppl only complain and don’t compliment .. we hv so much to love and respect too 🙂

    Phir mile sur has it’s own beauty- though I am biased towards the Mile Sur – probably having heard it so much while growing up 🙂
    Same here too 🙂


  18. its one of the superb song Swaram… I usually glued to DD whenever they show this song….

    you featured in DD and AIR…. I am a friend of a celebrity.. 😀 😀

    if you give me the translation it will be good swaram… 🙂 🙂

    all the Pakistan people are not against India…. it’s the people in the administration playing political games with us.. they need to keep their people from thinking about the administration’s inability…


    1. LOL Kanagu .. that ws longgg bk 😛 Me no celebrity 😉

      Will try to do that and send u a mail Kanagu 🙂

      Oh ya Kanagu .. its just bcoz of a few monsters that the entire nation is addressed so 😦


  19. Happy Republic day, Swaram. Knew there would be a meaningful and timely post from you on this one 🙂 Good you blew that trumpet, for we got to know about M & N 🙂


  20. As much as I loved the original, I think the new one is pretty good too. Though it’l a while to get used to the new version…we all would have heard the original more than a million times! It’s a brilliant initiative.


    1. I agree Meira .. we might take time .. though it hs its own drawbacks, I feel its better not to complain and look for the gud in it 🙂
      Well, they did say its BWood’s ode to the old one; so we can’t complain its too much of it too 🙂


      1. i liked their bit in this song 🙂
        otherwise I like Salman only 😛

        btw, what is that female Deepika Padukone doing there? for that matter Karan Johar! whatever happened to the ‘aam janta’, why are they not in?


  21. Hey after a long time am coming here 🙂 Visited your blog before ur trip 😛
    But being a farmer is a tough job indeed 😛

    Coming to the post, its a cutie post by u! Though the Phir mile sur was good, I love the old one.. This new thing is failing to get registered in mind!


  22. Ohh they still air Roja in DD !!! 😀 😀

    You sang in AIR and even appeared in DD ?? Wow !!! Belated congrats !! 🙂

    I could never celebrate any of the Indian holidays in Dubai and never knew the importance of such days until I came down.

    and three cheers to Malini madam ! and also to those kids who wrote the poem !


    1. Roja used to be aired most of the times then rt?? Am nt sure abt ur times .. u must be like 40 nw isn’t it Vimmuuu 😛 😛 😛

      LOL .. thanks 🙂


  23. Happy Republic day Swaru!
    beautiful post…

    I loved Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – song and the video…
    Phir Mile – not there yet… 😀
    yet to actually like it!

    How was the concert yesterday?


    1. Booohooo .. I think ppl r totally confused .. the old one is my fav anyday 🙂
      I did nt want to dissect the new one too much 🙂 It does hv a few nice parts 🙂

      The concert ws toooo gud … Hamsadwani and Khamaj 🙂


    1. Thanks AM .. ws good 🙂 We hd been to a concert by Pt.Shivkumar Sharma and Ustad Zakir Hussain @ Marriott .. ws out of the world 🙂
      Hw ws urs?


  24. Happy Republic Day!

    I heard the new one yeste but saw the videos only now thanks to your post! The old one even now gives me goosebumps when I hear it..has a special unique charm which the new one lacks 🙂


  25. wow that was a super post Swar.. belated happy republic day 🙂

    matte full star you are .. DD and AIR and all 🙂

    and I didn’t like the new version of mile sur.. bollywood showcase it seems like.
    give me the old one any day can watch it in loop 🙂 and I think even now most of us will be able to sing the entire piece (of old mile sur) in that order (language -wise I mean) 😀 no mean feat 🙂


    1. Thanks Shruthi 🙂

      The old one stands out for me any day too 🙂 I did nt hate the new one though .. I did like some parts of it 🙂


  26. The phir mile sur mera tumhara, does not feature so many of the most deserving people. It’s bloody unfair. SACHIN’s absence was the most pissing off for me. People like APJ Abdul Kalam, RK Pachauri, Narayan Murthy, Venkataramn Ramkrishnan… So many missing and they have Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor!!! Really… I was disappointed. 😦


    1. Well, I did watch out for ppl who r there instead of dissecting it to check for the bad things on its birthday 🙂

      Like that of Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik …. I am happy other things r being recognized too 😀


  27. Happy Republic Day, to you Swaram !!!!

    Its indeed lovely to have music teachers who instilled the patriotic sense thru the songs !!! Even I was part of the choir group and hv learnt so many Bharathiar songs, for the group performance. Just loved them all. Such lovely days !!!!

    Mile sur is certainly my fav too !!! Listened to the new one on radio yday and see here, in ur post, u hv put the video. Thanks. Mile sur keeps coming on Doordharshan and I always pause to watch it, while surfing channels.


    1. Yeah Uma .. its nice be part of such groups .. we get to learn so much 🙂

      Mile Sur is probably the best way to showcase the unity in diversity 🙂


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