This is the second book in the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. You can read the review of the first one, ‘Immortals of Meluha’ here.

Why-oh-why had this book got to end?  Why can’t I get to lay my hands on the next in the series ‘The Oath of Vayuputras‘ like N.O.W! That’s exactly how I am feeling after reading the book.  The excerpt on the rear cover of the book talks about deadly mysteries, terrible and unbelievable secrets, surprising alliances etc… and they so mean every word of it!

The book is exactly that – a bundle of secrets, with almost every page leading to a new mystery and springing surprises on the reader – some sort of foreseen, and others totally unexpected. I kept postponing all other work saying just one more page to myself every single time, and that inspite of having a busy weekend. That is the effect it has one you. So much so that the husband kept asking me ‘how many pages more?’, ‘what is happening now?‘ To add to it, the husband has been reading a nice history book on civilizations, which is currently revolving around the Mesopotomians and Meluha, making it all the more interesting for both of us 🙂

All you need is to have an open mind and give the author his due for blending the mythology we have known and believed for years with fiction. And that ofcourse applies to the first book too 🙂 You do have a lot of takeaway lessons if you really have your eyes for them!

A myriad of characters are introduced in this new book, some of them whom we have known/read/heard about all our lives .You also get to see an altogether different side of the characters you have come to love/hate in the first book.   Courageous women who lead from the front come what may, friendships beautifully bonded by trust, loved them all. Like I said in the last review, the literary expressions are so beautiful. Without giving away too much, this one exchange where a lady tells another ‘Your husband loves you for who you are, not for what you can give him‘, and one where two friends are discussing how hate is never the opposite of love, it is apathy which is  – it’s a pleasure reading it all 🙂

Shiva embarks on a long, revealing journey where he realizes what he actually considered evil may not actually be so and that applies for the good too. A debate between what is good and evil, or better put whether they both are two sides of the same coin and if so, how can he even destroy evil -forms the basis of his quest for truth.

I loved the cover of the book, with that blue tinge on Lord Shiva’s neck [Neelkanth] and the texture on the body of the Naga he is holding seeming so real! The back cover too, with the holy city of Kashi in the background. The author takes care of one of the things I had not liked about the first book too – I love how this book ended! Perfect to keep you wanting for more. Read the book to know more 🙂

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