Sabudana [Sago] Dosa

This Dosa is very simple to prepare and is light on the stomach. At the stages of preparing dosas, this is the best one! Does nt involve any hassles like soaking urad dal for particular duration, grinding it to certain consistency and so on.


Sabudana [Seeme-akki, Sago] – 1 cup
Rice flour – 3 cups
Curd – 1/2 cup
Salt – to taste
Water – as required for the desired consistency
Ghee – to make the dosas


Soak the sabudana in enough water to immerse it completely for half an hour. Now, drain the water, add the rice flour and curd and mix well. Now, add the required amount of water to get dosa batter consistency. Leave it overnight.

Add salt when you are about to make the dosas. Now, your batter is ready to make the dosas. Just drop a ladle of the batter on the hot girdle. This does not require much spreading around too. The dosas are a bit thick. Use ghee to make the dosas. Alternatively, u can use oil also. Yummy dosas, crisp on one side, yet soft and fluffy on the other are ready to savour 🙂 Serve with coconut chutney and enjoy 🙂

Note: The given measurements make about 16-18 dosas of the above size.

ETA: Submitting this recipe to the Cooking Basics Event here.





  1. Do try it Rekha … nice change from the regular one :)Hey Palatable .. thanks n welcome here :)Monika n Sharon: Nt that we don't eat carbs @ all rt ;)A dosa someday for a change does not harm 🙂


  2. Never heard about this dish before' but I always look for something good made with sago…all I know is vade and payasam. Thanks for this lovely recipe, I will try this:)


  3. Did not know you had a food blog also! Just chanced upon this and made a quick co-relation.. Thanks so much for this easy breezy recipe.. I hate sabakki.. H loves it.. almost as much as he loves his upma… but I love dosa.. so maybe this one is one more dish i can give a try! Shankari


  4. I am simply awed by your page. So neat and clean and ethereal. Really! and all the pics are so lovely and mouth-watering. I am a very big fan of dosa and can have it any time of the day. I can survive on dosa alone happily. It's a marvelous creation 🙂


  5. Thought atlast you are updating this blog.I tried making sago dosa few days back but didnt get dosa,the batter was sticking to the pan when i tried to make dosa 😦


  6. Welcome Sands :)Sari: If the sabudana is a bit smaller in size, may be u cn remove before it becomes too soft. Then, it does nt turn out sticky. Cn just try next time :)CB: Ha ha .. just a bit of everything CB. Nt much 🙂 Thanks for dropping by :)Smiths: Ya its very simple Smiths. When we hv nothing planned, this gets ready in a jiffy 🙂 Hope u like it 🙂


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