Snapshots from Mumbai

Here are a few pictures from the Mumbai trip, the ones that I just did not have the patience to post yesterday, thankfully sparing some fodder for another post. 😉

The experience in words: here.  

This edition of the Mumbai Marathon apparently had 55000+ runners across all it’s segments – the full marathon (42.195 kms), half marathon (21.0975 kms), the 10k Run, the runs for Senior Citizens and differently-abled, and the for-fun Dream Run!

That the run is set in the midst of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks including the CST, the Worli Sealink and others alike, adds to the colourful spectacle.

Mumbai Post

As they say:

Every great city of the world must have a Marathon. Nothing binds a city as a marathon does!

These kids ran for the cause of promoting education, and wanted me to show their picture (more importantly their medals!) to all my friends. 🙂


Also, here are a few pictures from our post-lunch sojourn around Gateway of India.


I love how well the Mumbai airport portrays its culture. Here’s one of my favourite corners. 🙂


Off to respond to comments, and leave imprints on all your latest posts now. 🙂 Keep having fun!


  1. Great pics. Our Mumbai home is very close to the Worli Sea Face-though none of us were there this weekend. Hope to catch you in Mumbai if not Bangalore.


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