Gracias :)

Them I treasure and being your friend has been a pleasure 🙂



  • Sri had a short story contest on his blog and am so so happy that his better half thought my story deserved to win the first prize. The prize was a beautiful painting made by Sri himself, which makes it all the more special :) Thanks much Sri and better half. I luv this one :)

  • Thanks to Shruti who hosts the montly Artsy-Craftsy challenge, I participated for the same in May’10, with the theme being Thermocol. I made a Thermocol Plate Ganesha which won the User Choice Award. Hats off to u Shruti for pulling this off every month … I admire your time and patience.  Thanks to all my friends who voted for me and helped me win :) :)   Isn’t this a lovely badge :)

Here’s what Shruti sent. A lovely hand-made card and this nice book :) Thanks again Shru :)

  • Won this F-Un-Scrambler Golden Trophy @ Pal’s and  Parul’s. Started by Pal, this one is super-fun :) Thanks Pal and Parul :)

Yayyyy! I won this again @ Chica’s too :D Thank u Elegant Chic ;)

  • Woohoo! Won this cool SeeBee badge @ CB’s, for my great story-telling ahem actually story-completing skills ;)

  • I have never considered myself an eavesdropper :| Well, who would like to ;)   But, Sags certified that I am one and well, who wants to break a friend’s heart :idea:   and so, I whole-heartedly accept this Sags :mrgreen:

Thank u for the glory hon :D


  1. Swaram, because of some strange happening I am not able to post a comment on your post. 😐

    So posting here.

    That umbrella made with basket looks beautiful. The entire puja ghar with Ganesh and Gowri are decorated so well. Two kids are adorable. Good to know that you guys had loads of fun with family and friends. That is what festivals are – to bring people together.

    Now that I am here also will congratulate on your awards. Well deserved! 🙂


    1. Oops! Wonder y even WP is weird @ times Sols 😛

      Thank u so much 🙂

      N so true – no festival is complete without having a get-to hai na 🙂


      1. It’s not WP, Swaram. I am using my old laptop and I think there is some problem with it. I refreshed and it still gives me error.

        Festival time is when I really miss being in India. Our Onam is next week and everyone back home is in fun mode. Every year around this time I am in India. 😦


        1. He he okie 😛

          Oh yeah … Onam is very grand na! We actually wanted to be there @ that time .. somewhere where we cud see the boat race! Am nt sure when it actually takes place?

          Where do u stay Sols 😛 US?


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