In my Day 2 post yesterday, I said that I would be dedicating a whole post to Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra. Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra is a national memorial constructed to commemorate Chatrapati Shivaji‘s visit to Srisailam.


In early 1677, Shivaji launched an expedition towards the southern part of India set his foot on the soil of Srisailam. His visit was seemingly an eventful one. He stayed in Srisailam for quite some time, fully engrossed in meditation. During a fit of Vairagya (renunciation, he even tried to behead himself with the intention of offering his head to Goddess Bhramaramba. The Goddess appeared before him and said “I gave you a sword in Kolhapur (a place in Maharastra presided by Goddess Lakshmi) not to behead yourself, but to face your enemies


A closer look!
A closer look!

The main hall has paintings depicting Shivaji’s life and stories of his valour displayed all over.

Very apt! Isn't it?
Very apt! Isn’t it?

The one talking about his visit to Srisailam


You can just imagine what an impact the place where Shivaji Maharaj had been engrossed in penance can have! To add to that, Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra is all for serving the society. Their main activities include conducting free medical camps and vocational training camps for the tribals. Efforts are also made to preserve the treasure of native medical plants. I bought a particular herbal oil they had for joint pains and it works like a miracle on the knee.

Here are a few of their initiatives:

  • Child Rights: non formal schools in remote, far-flung areas, affection homes for destitute children, hostels for poor children.
  • Women welfare: Empowerment through training in special schemes. 
  • Rural Development: strengthening country side through emerging technologies.
  • Tribal Welfare: Nurturing the tribal talents and culture. Imparting skilled training for self reliance, ‘Mobile Dispensary’ – extending general health to the door steps of tribals.
  • Crisis management: Extending service in floods, accidents, calamities etc.
I copied a few of their pics to show you the extreme conditions the Samaritans of Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra work in.

The terrains!


All prepared to offer health services wherever required – on the ground, from the jeep, sitting on a few benches whatever! 


A sneak peek into the lives of the Vanavasis (tribals) – The women dancing and the men and kids engaged in archery 🙂


Where they stay – right in the lap of Mother Nature! Yes, Dish TVs are found everywhere 😉

VanavasisTheir places of worship


Shivaji Spoorthi Kendra in the news, well-deserved for all that they do. A must read!

News item

That’s it for today folks. Will be back tomorrow with travel tales from Day 3.  Have a great day/ good sleep all of you 🙂 Tata!