I believe in living life to the fullest. I loveeee nature – the beautiful mountains, the vast oceans, the pleasant lakes and love connecting with people and experience their way of life – Well, that’s what makes me a travel buff  🙂

I  consider myself blessed to have an equally fun loving partner for life – nicknamed Su here.

Music is my life and can get me out of the worstestestest 😉 of my moods. And books are amongst my bestestest buddies 😀

Cooking is one of my prime interests and I have a tailor-made specimen to experiment on – my better half. The best gifts I can ever get are recipe books (hint hint 😉 )

Oh wait 😀  The very fact that I have a page dedicated to each of these interests tells you how much I love them no 😉 😉 Sigh! I so sound like a ‘Jill of all trades, but …..’  🙄

I love shopping for home decor and making up my home, and folks at home think I suffer from OCD wrt cleanliness, because I can’t see a single thing out of place for even a second! I know I know, you must be thinking how the husband is still surviving with me!?!  He claims that he is a lucky husband – well, also makes it clear that saying so is his ‘Life Insurance Policy‘ 👿

And why did I get this blog? Actually, the husband started one and since I believe in equality [ahem ;)], I got one too! Must thank the husband who encourages me so much to write, bitter truth being that he is just helping himself  by not letting me bombard him with my blah-blah and instead divert it here! So, please to aim all the brick-bats that way.

I am hypersensitive and cry @ the drop of a feather 😉 Something I SHOULD try to overcome 😀 I think I am better now 😛

I enjoy the dual role of being a home-maker and a professional a lot and can’t even dream of life without either. Life does throw surprises at u, huh 😉 No secret now that I have resigned from the corporate world to follow my heart 🙂 Well, the thing about the dual role stays the same even now though :mrgreen:

Hopelessly missing my beautiful Bengaluru 😦 and falling in love with hot and happening Hyderabad 🙂 6th May 2014 – Have moved on from this to love Hyderabad so much that I feel relocating back to Bengaluru so difficult now 🙄

Phew!  It’s easier to write 500 different posts than attempt to write one ‘About Me’ page eh?  Err, has anybody made it till here !?! :mrgreen: