I am what I am

I believe in living life to the fullest. I loveeee nature – the beautiful mountains, the vast oceans, the pleasant lakes and love connecting with people and experience their way of life – Well, that’s what makes me a travel buff  🙂

I  consider myself blessed to have an equally fun loving partner for life – nicknamed Su here.

Music is my life and can get me out of the worstestestest 😉 of my moods. And books are amongst my bestestest buddies 😀

Cooking is one of my prime interests and I have a tailor-made specimen to experiment on – my better half. The best gifts I can ever get are recipe books (hint hint 😉 )

Oh wait 😀  The very fact that I have a page dedicated to each of these interests tells you how much I love them no 😉 😉 Sigh! I so sound like a ‘Jill of all trades, but …..’  🙄

I love shopping for home decor and making up my home, and folks at home think I suffer from OCD wrt cleanliness, because I can’t see a single thing out of place for even a second! I know I know, you must be thinking how the husband is still surviving with me!?!  He claims that he is a lucky husband – well, also makes it clear that saying so is his ‘Life Insurance Policy‘ 👿

And why did I get this blog? Actually, the husband started one and since I believe in equality [ahem ;)], I got one too! Must thank the husband who encourages me so much to write, bitter truth being that he is just helping himself  by not letting me bombard him with my blah-blah and instead divert it here! So, please to aim all the brick-bats that way.

I am hypersensitive and cry @ the drop of a feather 😉 Something I SHOULD try to overcome 😀 I think I am better now 😛

I enjoy the dual role of being a home-maker and a professional a lot and can’t even dream of life without either. Life does throw surprises at u, huh 😉 No secret now that I have resigned from the corporate world to follow my heart 🙂 Well, the thing about the dual role stays the same even now though :mrgreen:

Hopelessly missing my beautiful Bengaluru 😦 and falling in love with hot and happening Hyderabad 🙂 6th May 2014 – Have moved on from this to love Hyderabad so much that I feel relocating back to Bengaluru so difficult now 🙄

Phew!  It’s easier to write 500 different posts than attempt to write one ‘About Me’ page eh?  Err, has anybody made it till here !?! :mrgreen:


  1. well swarnam though a beginner in wordpress…u have really some cool posts..
    indeed lots of them..

    Am new 2 wordpress; the posts r imported from blogger which was 2 yrs old when I did that 😛

    i will come around for sure..
    with love

    Thanks 🙂

    by the way i would like to keep in touch with fellow indian bloggers
    do visit me sometime..

    Will visit u soon …


  2. Swaram!

    Nice unique name you have.. it has a melody in itself.. which very well reflects in your love for poetry.. I believe if poem has to be soothing it can originate from nature.. You love Nature too.. proving the statement right.

    Kind words .. thanks a lot 🙂
    Swaram is my blog name.

    In case you want to have a view of inner beauty.. the beauty of thought and inner psyche.. do sometime visit my blog at http://agyaatdarshan.wordpress.com

    Will visit u soon

    So far I was addressing the closed audience i.e. my friends disciples but now I feel time has come to make light of wisdom reach farther.

    Love and Light
    – AD


  3. Hey Swaram,
    In case you have been wondering why does your feedjit show so many links from melbourne,its because I ve been stealthily feeding on your blog on a friday.. and guess what read the whole thing too.. 🙂

    Oh i c 😛 I was wondering al the time who it can be 😉 I know a friend of mine reads this blog but he is from Sydney .. 😛

    beautiful blog reflecting a beautiful soul!!

    Now, help me stay on the ground girl 😉

    have added you in my “in list” of regular blog reading!
    Hope you wont mind!!

    Arre 😉 I m so happy 🙂

    And u got my name 😛 Howz that? Nice way to put ur name there ah.
    What a coincidence na!!! How many similarities 😛


  4. Me: book reader, favorites being Who moved my Cheese, Kite Runner, Doctors and many more. Read Reader’s Digest, good Housekeeping, Safari, India Today among magazines. I love recipe books- favourites being Tarla Dalal collection.

    Cooking is one of my interests and I have a tailor-made specimen to experiment on – my better half. I enjoy the dual role of being a home-maker and a professional a lot and can’t even dream of life without either.

    I guess, we share a lot of interests 🙂

    Glad to have come across your blog! 🙂


  5. wow swarnam..you really are wonderful..
    its really great reading your blog
    and finally i understand that i can never blog like you people..
    am thinking of quitting blogging altogether
    always be a wonderful blogger


    1. Thanks for all the compliments .. not sure if I deserve them 😛

      I just write what comes to my mind … and have friends who love them n share their views 🙂

      And plsssssss dont quit blogging. U r so innovative!


  6. Saw ur comments on my blog! In the last 15 days that i’ve started blogging, I’ve been amazed at how people I’ve never met have found their way to my blog. N its so refreshing to read your blog n others! have bookmarked your site n will surely drop by again.


    1. Yeah Shruthi .. that’s the beauty of blogging .. I know more than 30-35 ppl here n have nt met any of them in person yet !!! Welcome here 🙂

      BTW, I dropped in on ur blog via Ash-Priyanka’s 🙂


  7. You know what Swaram, you sound so much like me!!! I too love travelling, reading and cooking. Good you commented on my blog. Now I will go devour all your posts 🙂


      1. Absolutely I say 🙂 And you are also a friend of Pixie that makes it all the more fun. Though I dont know either of you personally.


        1. Hmm … Pixie blog indha ne I came to knw of ur blog!
          Me too nt met her personally 😛 1 month kuda agille navibru nu meet maadi.. ondh thara instant connection Kannada dinda . So nice to meet one more eega 🙂


              1. Yea I have visited Horsley Hills, nothing too exciting. Was a bit disappointed actually. It’s not even like our Lal-baug


                  1. Allige hogodu yen beda. Ashtondu chennagilla. Chennagide andavru mostly namma malenaadu nodilla ansutte 😛


  8. Hey Swaram

    Stumbled upon your blog from Puja’s blog. I really liked it….your blog…spirit…style its all so good…Keep it up ! Will go through your old posts…when got some time….

    Cheers !


  9. “God has given us so much for a lifetime and each one is worth experiencing.”…Absolutely!
    Its been a pleasure knowing you as a friend,Swaram.Keep writing and sharing the way you do 🙂



  10. These comments are here because ” You are a gal blogger ” that’s it . . Grt to see those guys commenting at a your blog . According to me these comments are here because you are an gal . . .


  11. Wokay now that I am here and got to know all about you, let me check out your blogs. I am planning to hit the travel one first as I am a mad traveller too. Hey sorry for the delay in coming over here. Was under house arrest for a few days due to a small injury. The husband likes to force his violent rules about internet when I am sick 😦


  12. Nice meeting you Swaram…

    Looks like you have put in a lot of effort on all your blogs. Adige Aramane looks yummy and Namma Payana looks tempting…


  13. hey swaram.. came here through ur comments on my blog and boy am i glad!

    i feel so nice reading ur blog… ur posts (read the recent ones) ooze energy and a fun and positive feel that is so very infectious.. way to go!


  14. Thank you Swaram,
    You know you are such a sweet angel,
    Like a sunshine you brighten so many lives (read blogs)every dawn.
    Am really amazed how you touch so many
    threads on this beautiful web.


    1. It shows hw nice a person u r Jay to complement anyone so well!

      Thanks a lot n I will sincerely pray for u n Ammi 🙂

      May true love win!

      God bless u Jay!


  15. ….connect with people, experience their way of life. Diff traditions, diff lifestyles, diff food habits, variety in folk and art – God has given us so much for a lifetime and each one is worth experiencing…

    Love these thoughts!!


  16. Hi Swaram I have been visiting you so often in the last month, and kept waiting to comment. And now no reason to wait…I LOVE your blog, I think the first post I read was about email addresses for future children I did that for my children once they were born, they both have their full name @yahoo!


    1. Hey welcome Lakshmi 🙂
      N pls do leave a comment on whatever u feel like 🙂 I wil be more than happy 🙂

      Gr8 to know u r done with the email id business ha ha ha 😛


  17. Hey Swaram. You commented on my blog and here I am. It feels really nice to read your posts. All of them are very interesting; not finish reading everything though. Great work. Keep going….


  18. Hi Swaram,
    Just stumbled upon your blog…and wow I love it !! So much love and Life here. Feels good to be here.
    Will be digging into your posts 🙂
    Oh by the way am from hyd too 🙂


    1. Hey am so sorry Zeenat .. ws holidaying when u posted and missed replying to this one 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the compliments .. feels gr8 to know u r from Hyderabad too 🙂


    1. Hey this is such a pleasant surprise. Its so so sweet of u to leave a comment and also pass on an award @ that! Thank u so so much 🙂


    1. Also *same pinch* on

      “I am hypersensitive and cry @ the drop of a feather 😉 Something I should try to overcome :D”

      Lemme know if you find a solution on that 🙂 Have been trying for a long time now..


  19. Hello Swaram Ji,
    You have a beautiful blog here. I guess your love of music is clear in your name. Excellent. Have you any plans of helping AR Rahman with the CWG theme music. He seems to be in dire need of some help.
    -Gorakh Nath.


    1. Gorakg Nath Ji,

      Welcome to my little space 🙂 Having seen u on so many of my friends’ blogs, I ws wondering y u were not making ur way here 😉

      Thanks so much for visiting and hope to see you again 🙂


  20. Hi Swaram…it was nice to know about you and read your blogs , read your book adda too and added a few books to my list ( to read)…

    Thanks for dropping by , i am reading many of your posts today.


  21. lovely blog u got here 🙂 and awesome pics.. haven got aroud reading everything but will come bck for more and read often..:)


  22. Awww…. So nice and interesting blog!!! Tgough i read ly a few posts of yours i loved being around your page 🙂 And moreover i love the way u ve portrayed this single page 🙂 Nice meeting you Swaram 😀


  23. Hey ! Came here blog hopping and am so glad I did ! Looking forward to knowing more about you and your kind works ! All the very Best ! maybe see u in bangalore someday 🙂


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