I have gone wordless on most days this year, atleast during the later part. I did not like it, but it happened. And now, I have so many things to say, so many people to thank, so many moments to recollect and rejoice, so many relationships to cherish, so much love that I ought go be grateful for, acts and memories which have touched me, moved me to tears and made me fall in life all over again and all I have is these words in return.

When the robbery happened at home early this year, I was really depressed; more because of memories associated with the things I lost. But, I slowly realized that 2010 has showered upon us more than probably any year would.

Youth for Seva started in Hyderabad in February this year and when we joined the group, I hardly knew it would be one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. Let alone giving me an opportunity to do my bit for the society, it has given me friends whomI will treasure forever. Friends who are just a call away, friends with whom, we have realized serving the society is not charity, it’s our responsibility and it is sooo much fun to have them in our lives. I have had some of my HAPPIEST moments in my life with them.  Ranging from celebrating birthdays to dancing to the dandia beats all night long to the Vana Yatras to spending all our time planning and bringing it into action , it’s been such a satisfying experience. And the fact that both Su and me are on the same bandwidth on this one too – such a pleasure it is!

And then the kids. When I started teaching in Govt. Schools on weekends this year, little did I know it will become so close to my heart that I almost feel like a Mother to all these kids and it’s such a blessed feeling.  One day I miss school and they question me with all authority why I did so, so much so that Su and me plan our trips revolving around their holidays and weekends are now so not meant for vacations.  When we were brainstorming on how to inculcate the habit of waste management in children and I thought the best way would be to teach them crafts with waste materials,  little did I know that I would get to see such artists in the making.  Not only that, so many of them even made a special card for me and when I asked one of the girls if she had shown it to her Mother as she would have been very happy, she said ‘Akka, you are the one who teaches me so many things; you should be the one to see it first’.  Truly a blessing that I got an opportunity to teach them, actually learn from them. Oh, we are celebrating YFS’s first annual day on 9th of  Jan and getting our kids to perform music, dance and what not has been so wonderful!  Please send across you good wishes for us to do well 🙂

Haan! How can I talk on my blog without talking abt my blog friends? This year I though would pass by without me being able to meet even one of u guys., making me sad esp. with the number of people I met last year 😐 I did call people, fixed meetings, made gr8 plans but none of them worked. Esp. with so many of them on my list in Bengaluru and me not making a trip home.   But it happened. I met Lostworld sometime during my short trip to Bengaluru and spent some great time with her and ShruthiPixie made a trip to Hyderabad specially to meet me 🙂 🙂  Did meet Aryan and his family quite a few times, but I still feel bad I have not been able to go see the second entry Arjun 😦

Oh and thanks to Sari for reminding me that we indeed met in 2010 and not 2009!  Kanagu came down all the way from Chennai to meet me [ahem atleast I would like to think so ;)] and we both met Sari on the very first day of 2010 🙂

And do u guys know whom I met yesterday? Yessss, I met  Crafty in the most unexpected, filmy style, last-minute planned, work-based, short and totally-packed, the-place-of -my-conference hopelessly away from the city trip I made to Mumbai, after my last visit ages ago! Thankfully, Crafty’s office was on my way back to the airport and she sweetly made time for me too and got me some very special gifts too 🙂 So, we sat in the airport and ate and chatted and fooled people [Pixie did not recognize my voice when I spoke from Crafty’s phone even when I spoke in Kannada :(] and exchanged real hugs for once 8)  She is my Santa for this year with all those lovely gifts and so is Pal. Did I tell u Pal threw the most unexpected surprise on me when she sent gifts for me with her sister whom she met in Chennai during her short trip, and who stays in Hyderabad 🙂  Don’t I have the sweetest friends in the world.  I so wanted to meet all of u @ Mumbai, so sorry I just could not. Next time I will make a trip only to meet u guys 🙂  I had the one of the best birthdays this year thanks to all of u and doing the NaBloPoMo was so much fun too 🙂

And my parents – Sigh! Can we ever ever ever do anything for them?  They are here right now – in Hyderabad.  While I thought I would let Mom rest for these few days and let her savour my cooking too, she has other plans. She wants me to rest and do the same.  All she needs is her daughter to catch up with those last few bits of sleep she misses, even though it means she that  has to fore-go the same in Blr when her office beckons her much earlier than mine does and that I get a change from eating my own experiments. And Dad, he was awake till 00:15 yesterday – that’s when I reached home from the airport and after that, reheated my food, served the same and sat with me till I finished my dinner and went to sleep.  And to think of how I sometimes shout at them and fight with the m 😛  And what can I do for that friend who dropped me all the way home from that far-away airport, though his place is in the other corner of the world!

And so, I am ending this year on a happy note, and I can vouch for it that relationships, love , affection and little joys matter more than A.N.Y materialistic possession. I just hope this truth stays etched in memory forever so that I don’t brood over small losses.

Wishing u all the best of the very few hours remaining in 2010 too and let’s all embrace 2011 with an open heart and an everlasting smile on our lips 🙂 Cheers people 😀

Sending this to the wonderful ‘Best of 2010‘ event hosted by Srivalli.