We reached home @ 8:15 p.m on Monday after work to be greeted by the main door flung open.  We have lost stuff about approx. 4-5 lakhs including the laptop 😦  Bk @ work today, but still to overcome the shock and hoping and praying we get back something atleast.

All the time bk @ home goes in interrogation, blah blah . Thankfully, the policemen have been pretty decent and sound hopeful.

More than the money, the pics, the memories, things which were gifted by dear ones for the wedding hv all gone. No laptop @ home also means min. leisure time 😦 Nt sure if I will be able to read n comment 😦

Hv been telling myself that it does nt help brooding over it, but it was too much of a shock to enter a house which did not look anything like that 😦 And yes, one in an apartment with a watchman and with all the 3 houses around having the inmates @ home when it took place.

Whatz more irritating is the 100 qs u get from ppl around, @ work as to how it happene, hw did he break open etc..? If only we knew, y wud we let it happen 😦 Ppl r being inquisitive in the name of being supportive which does not help @ all 😦  Added to that, all the talking has got to my throat literally and I talk with gr8 difficulty now 😦 Its been challenging, but we shall overcome is what we would like to feel and believe.

Pls pray for us .. am sure u ppl will. Hope to return soon. Will reply to all the comments as soon as I regain my lost whatever. Until then, take care and have fun all of u 🙂