Well! What else can it be 😉 Gotta b my budday post na :mrgreen: I had no plans of posting this so early in the morning …. but all the sweet wishes that have been  pouring in, I had to express my gratitude @  the earliest 😀

So, the first person to wish me was indeed the husband … when the clock struck 12!  I thought he is totally absorbed in the Brazil match and would not have seen the time @ all when an SMS lands in my inbox 😛 Honestly, I guessed it must be my sis or Pixie, but it ws Su 😛  I don’t even know when he sent a msg bcoz I was sitting right next to him [How easy to fool me sigh!] And then I got showered with 27 kisses [Sheesh! Did I let out my age just now :x] and a mushy mushy line saying ‘I love you more than anybody in the world’ And when I get overwhelmed by emotions, the man says he meant if there’s a certain somebody in the world called ‘anybody’, he loves me more than that person!  Ya, I became fida over him more for his PJs than anything else 😉

Then followed calls by the cousins, aunts, uncles, Mom and Dad. Sis called early in the morning and when I asked her why she did not wish me @ 12, she told me thatz the time demons are active and she wanted to wish me @ a better hour! Wah wah!  What a reason hmmpf!

Crafty sent an SMS @ 12 too!!!!! Super-sweet one  just like her 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh Pixie called tooo …. finally 😉   And Vimmuuu did tooo …. Awwwwwww Vimmuuu, I am touched [U love these two words don’t u ;)]

Pixie sent me a beautiful card too 😀

So did Kavya and G3 … thanks sooooo much girls. Was such a pleasant surprise 😀

Ohh and one from Divz too … a jumbo-wala hug 😀

Awww one from Ambulisamma too .. thanks dear 🙂

Pinoo and Dew sent in some beautiful lines.

Pinoo, u do know what I want don’t u 😛 Here’s what she said 🙂

Wishes for a wonderful year around, for new ideas at Song of life, for more post for June NaBloPoMo 2010, for more recipes, more arty-crafty innovations and prints, for good songs to cheer you, for heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels  and more heeeeeeeels and lots of vacations, more tiger picks and oodles of energy to run first in the comment race and to blog hop……..

Dew, you have always had a way with words 🙂 And this couldn’t be better 🙂  It was soooo nice talking to u too 😀

As the midnight turns, along the horizon,
there are good times to be remembered,
for the coming year has many many more to bring,
a year bound with love, laughter and happiness,
a year to cherish sweet memories and cheerfulness.

If you think I am done, I am not 😛

Meira, the sweet person that she is not only dedicated a post to me on her blog, but also has a very thoughtful gift for me. An e-Gift Voucher for me on flipkart 🙂

Sagarika, who is a new friend here [does time matter really :)] has some beautiful lines penned down for me too. Sags, aren’t u one of the warmest people around 🙂 Thanks sooo much 🙂

Mons, Pal, CB, Hitchu, Ums, Rakesh, sands, Kavita, Indy,Shruti, Gils, Shilpa, Sari, Rohini, Avada, Ashwini, Mohan, Aarti, Ritu, Baisali,Vichu, Monu, Puja,Aswathy,Priya, Nu, Sindhu, Mandy, Priyanka, Karate Brat :evil:, Masood, Elegant Chic,Swati, Piper,Tara,A, ArienMom,Akshatha….. many many thanks to all of u for the wishes  🙂

Deeps, thanks so much for the call .. loved talking to u after sooo long 😀  Thanks to Aryan’s Mom too .. we must meet sometime soon 😀

How sweet of you to send that mail Savi .. luv u 😀  Oh ya, thanks to Comfy and Smithu too 😀

And now, Rash too with such a heartfelt post 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks soooo much Rash 😀

Thanks for ur call Kanagu [inspite of ur odd shift @ that] and Lively for ur mail 8)

Thanks so much Abha for the sweet SMS; not sweeter than u though 😉 😉

Smithu, ur post left me in tears. Yes of-course, we are sisters indeed 🙂

Sari, thanks soooo much for ur call too. Get well soon 🙂

Shruuu, thanks so much for the call ma 😀

Shilpa, thanks sooo much for wishing me on ur blog fellow Hyderabadi 🙂 🙂

Nanceeeee, thanks for the birthday song 🙂 U r sooo sweet 🙂 🙂  Was gr8 talking to u 😀 😀 And how thoughtful of u to calculate the lunch hour and give me 15 minutes grace and call me @ 1:15 😀  Awww 🙂

Pixie hs posted finally and so hs Mons 😛 😛 See, I cn be demanding from friends no 😉

These ladies … Bins, Sags and Ums .. do they exist for real 😯 I get a call from Season’s saying they have a bouquet for me to be delivered @ my office and I was sooo surprised!!!!!!!!!  When I went down and got it, it was from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How on earth did this girls do this? I mean they found out where I work,  Bins did not let me guess anything from her voice when I spoke to her in the morning ….. yes, she called me to ask me if I could help her friend by forwarding the resume in my company and thatz how she got to know where I work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Ums, I guess that is the reason u dint call me too, so that ur voice does not give away 😉 😉 Kudos to them and to Y, who helped Sags with spotting a florist @ midnight! U ppl rock 😀

Hereeeee is the bouquet 😀

U don’t know what u hv done ladies …. thanks soooooo much. God bless u all with his choicest blessings 😀 😀 😀

Thanks sooo much TimePass … that ws suchhhh a pleasaaant surprise in my inbox 😀 😀

Ohhh and Iya called too, and afraid of losing the guessing game [happened so many times since morning 😛  I asked Nancy if she ws Soli ;)] I did nt want to guess! But she asked me to and I mentioned so many names 😛 😛 😛 So sorry Sweets and thanks sooooo much for the wishes 😀 😀 😀  😀

Pixie’s husband K .. he sang the birthday song for me too 😛 😛  Thanks K 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  Oh and Pix made me realize she hs actually wished me 27 times :mrgreen:

ETA: This list is growing and growing like Hanuman’s tail 😛 So, if I miss adding someone here, sorry 😛 😛

Oh and before I forget, INGVysya ppl sent me their wishes too 😉 No free insurance though 🙄

And ask me how am I gonna celebrate … we went rock-climbing last yr on my birthday and this year, I am under rock-pressure for a critical release 😛 😛  Life is like that 😉  Happy Birthday to Me 😀 😀

God bless you all!!!!!!  *Touch-wood* *Kala-tika*