The 127 times edited post :P :P …… Day21

Well! What else can it be 😉 Gotta b my budday post na :mrgreen: I had no plans of posting this so early in the morning …. but all the sweet wishes that have been  pouring in, I had to express my gratitude @  the earliest 😀

So, the first person to wish me was indeed the husband … when the clock struck 12!  I thought he is totally absorbed in the Brazil match and would not have seen the time @ all when an SMS lands in my inbox 😛 Honestly, I guessed it must be my sis or Pixie, but it ws Su 😛  I don’t even know when he sent a msg bcoz I was sitting right next to him [How easy to fool me sigh!] And then I got showered with 27 kisses [Sheesh! Did I let out my age just now :x] and a mushy mushy line saying ‘I love you more than anybody in the world’ And when I get overwhelmed by emotions, the man says he meant if there’s a certain somebody in the world called ‘anybody’, he loves me more than that person!  Ya, I became fida over him more for his PJs than anything else 😉

Then followed calls by the cousins, aunts, uncles, Mom and Dad. Sis called early in the morning and when I asked her why she did not wish me @ 12, she told me thatz the time demons are active and she wanted to wish me @ a better hour! Wah wah!  What a reason hmmpf!

Crafty sent an SMS @ 12 too!!!!! Super-sweet one  just like her 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh Pixie called tooo …. finally 😉   And Vimmuuu did tooo …. Awwwwwww Vimmuuu, I am touched [U love these two words don’t u ;)]

Pixie sent me a beautiful card too 😀

So did Kavya and G3 … thanks sooooo much girls. Was such a pleasant surprise 😀

Ohh and one from Divz too … a jumbo-wala hug 😀

Awww one from Ambulisamma too .. thanks dear 🙂

Pinoo and Dew sent in some beautiful lines.

Pinoo, u do know what I want don’t u 😛 Here’s what she said 🙂

Wishes for a wonderful year around, for new ideas at Song of life, for more post for June NaBloPoMo 2010, for more recipes, more arty-crafty innovations and prints, for good songs to cheer you, for heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels  and more heeeeeeeels and lots of vacations, more tiger picks and oodles of energy to run first in the comment race and to blog hop……..

Dew, you have always had a way with words 🙂 And this couldn’t be better 🙂  It was soooo nice talking to u too 😀

As the midnight turns, along the horizon,
there are good times to be remembered,
for the coming year has many many more to bring,
a year bound with love, laughter and happiness,
a year to cherish sweet memories and cheerfulness.

If you think I am done, I am not 😛

Meira, the sweet person that she is not only dedicated a post to me on her blog, but also has a very thoughtful gift for me. An e-Gift Voucher for me on flipkart 🙂

Sagarika, who is a new friend here [does time matter really :)] has some beautiful lines penned down for me too. Sags, aren’t u one of the warmest people around 🙂 Thanks sooo much 🙂

Mons, Pal, CB, Hitchu, Ums, Rakesh, sands, Kavita, Indy,Shruti, Gils, Shilpa, Sari, Rohini, Avada, Ashwini, Mohan, Aarti, Ritu, Baisali,Vichu, Monu, Puja,Aswathy,Priya, Nu, Sindhu, Mandy, Priyanka, Karate Brat :evil:, Masood, Elegant Chic,Swati, Piper,Tara,A, ArienMom,Akshatha….. many many thanks to all of u for the wishes  🙂

Deeps, thanks so much for the call .. loved talking to u after sooo long 😀  Thanks to Aryan’s Mom too .. we must meet sometime soon 😀

How sweet of you to send that mail Savi .. luv u 😀  Oh ya, thanks to Comfy and Smithu too 😀

And now, Rash too with such a heartfelt post 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks soooo much Rash 😀

Thanks for ur call Kanagu [inspite of ur odd shift @ that] and Lively for ur mail 8)

Thanks so much Abha for the sweet SMS; not sweeter than u though 😉 😉

Smithu, ur post left me in tears. Yes of-course, we are sisters indeed 🙂

Sari, thanks soooo much for ur call too. Get well soon 🙂

Shruuu, thanks so much for the call ma 😀

Shilpa, thanks sooo much for wishing me on ur blog fellow Hyderabadi 🙂 🙂

Nanceeeee, thanks for the birthday song 🙂 U r sooo sweet 🙂 🙂  Was gr8 talking to u 😀 😀 And how thoughtful of u to calculate the lunch hour and give me 15 minutes grace and call me @ 1:15 😀  Awww 🙂

Pixie hs posted finally and so hs Mons 😛 😛 See, I cn be demanding from friends no 😉

These ladies … Bins, Sags and Ums .. do they exist for real 😯 I get a call from Season’s saying they have a bouquet for me to be delivered @ my office and I was sooo surprised!!!!!!!!!  When I went down and got it, it was from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How on earth did this girls do this? I mean they found out where I work,  Bins did not let me guess anything from her voice when I spoke to her in the morning ….. yes, she called me to ask me if I could help her friend by forwarding the resume in my company and thatz how she got to know where I work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Ums, I guess that is the reason u dint call me too, so that ur voice does not give away 😉 😉 Kudos to them and to Y, who helped Sags with spotting a florist @ midnight! U ppl rock 😀

Hereeeee is the bouquet 😀

U don’t know what u hv done ladies …. thanks soooooo much. God bless u all with his choicest blessings 😀 😀 😀

Thanks sooo much TimePass … that ws suchhhh a pleasaaant surprise in my inbox 😀 😀

Ohhh and Iya called too, and afraid of losing the guessing game [happened so many times since morning 😛  I asked Nancy if she ws Soli ;)] I did nt want to guess! But she asked me to and I mentioned so many names 😛 😛 😛 So sorry Sweets and thanks sooooo much for the wishes 😀 😀 😀  😀

Pixie’s husband K .. he sang the birthday song for me too 😛 😛  Thanks K 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  Oh and Pix made me realize she hs actually wished me 27 times :mrgreen:

ETA: This list is growing and growing like Hanuman’s tail 😛 So, if I miss adding someone here, sorry 😛 😛

Oh and before I forget, INGVysya ppl sent me their wishes too 😉 No free insurance though 🙄

And ask me how am I gonna celebrate … we went rock-climbing last yr on my birthday and this year, I am under rock-pressure for a critical release 😛 😛  Life is like that 😉  Happy Birthday to Me 😀 😀

God bless you all!!!!!!  *Touch-wood* *Kala-tika*


    1. Happy Bday my dear friend…have a great day !!!

      I never thot that I can trust, love and share thots with someone, who I’ve never met. And you are the first one, who broke my unformed rule in life. Its been great knowing u thru blogs, talks, chats and what not…

      May the smile on your face, remain forever and may it spread wherever you go…. 🙂

      Have a wonderful, super, fun-filling, adventurous year ahead….

      So sweet of Su… 🙂


        1. If I had been in Hyd, you would have seen me there at ur office, demanding a treat… 😉 Wait till I get to that city of my heart… 🙂


    2. Swaru, the excitement in your voice and the words is more than enuf proof that we have indeed done a commendable job….Have loads of fun and may you get such Happy Surprises always… 🙂


      1. You guessed everything right…thats why I didnt call u…

        Thank God, u got fooled by Bins’ call….it helped us to plan well…

        But the whole idea was by Sags, when we chatted yday midnite…and the execution happened today morning by me and Bins…

        And that Vimmuuu, on whom u went awwwww, I only told him abt ur bday… 😉 How do u think he remembers such things ????


        1. 😛 😛 😛 She fooled me on my bday :grrrrrrrr I wil get her for this 😉 😉 😉

          ROFL .. I went awww bcoz he hates that word Ums 😛

          But we need to take him to task 😉 He told me he hs an elephant-sized memory 😛 😛


          1. I am missing all the fun…. 😦 but it was great to hear you ask me “r u for real”… Lolz was at loss for words… Am glad you liked it n yes Uma is giving unnecessary credit to me… Its all her n Bindu’s hard work… And yes my Y helped to search for the florist at midnight :p


          1. You didnt get the result, I wanted…. 🙄

            Just look at my frnd, she got the dtls in just one call… 😉

            Read b/w the lines – Women are Smarter !!! 🙂


              1. Swaru, that Bouquet of roses is the perfect thing for you !!! Glad those roses made u so happy. 🙂

                No, I asked Vimmuuu to get your office addr….can u imagine how he failed in his mission…. 😉


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Swaram! 😀 Hope you have a wonderful year and life ahead! And may you blog many many more posts, and comment much more and keep spreading the cheer! You’re an awesome person to know 😀 Trust me, your happy attitude rubs off on those who read your blog! *Hugs*


  2. Pinoo n I seem to think alike in our wishes for you 😀
    All the best for your release. And have fun. And three cheers for Su too 🙂


  3. LOLing at critical release. Say you’re working on some bugs in the software 😛

    Happy happy birthday! What a fab wish from Su! Stay strong, stay positive and stay happy the way you always are!


  4. 🙂 happy birthday sweetheart. This post is so full of life just like u! 🙂
    Su is adorable1 🙂 may u have many many many such happy moments to blog about.


  5. Happy birthday Sw. Many many happy returns of the day.

    Ya quite surprised boss remembered to wish you at that hour :P(considering Brazil were playing). Look what you have done to Su, he has become romantic or what lol. He didn’t gave a hint, or could have wished you in person yesterday(sleep to sleep is my day).

    Have a wonderful year ahead. Don’t change boss too much :@ . Hehe kidding. Have fun and do party today.


    1. Ahem u get married and u wil know too 😛 😛
      Thanks so much for the wishes … got ur SMS too .. Su fwded it to me 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂


  6. Happpyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyy swaram 🙂 ……wish u all the happiness in the world….!!

    love yaaaaaaaaaa 🙂


  7. Wow! what a beautiful post to mark the special day of everyone’s lives (including us, for we all simply love you Swar 😀 )
    Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday 😀
    Keep smiling 😛


  8. that was quick editing!!

    It was lovely talking to you too after sooo long, Swar. And it was so sweet of you to let me blabber despite being under ‘rock-pressure’ @ work.
    I could actually hear the clitter-clatter of your keyboard :D… art of multitasking, eh?? 😉


  9. Happy Birthday Swaram..may this birthday be as special as always and may the day bring in love,laughter and happiness into ur life.. Bless yu and btw that is a great post !!


  10. Many happy returns!!!!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day and year ahead..
    A release today of all the days is quite ‘sad’ but hope it goes smoothly.
    Cut a cake, eat out & enjoii madi !!!


  11. Happy Birthday Swaram! What a romantic way for your hubby to greet you! Hehehe..u did give away ur age..hope you are having a great time today. I’m sure you’ll do something fun for the day! Cheers!


  12. Happy Bday Swaram !!

    I m so late in wishing 😦 sorry 🙂
    There is surprise for you at my blog. Do visit !!


  13. Hey Happy Birthday!!! I am sure all the wishes must have made the day soo soo special for you 🙂 Keep enjoying every bit 🙂 btw… I quite liked ur sis’s excuse 😛 very smart huh!!


    1. uff…multitasking doesnt suit me! I was typing ‘Savitha’ and talking to ‘Rohan’…I typed Saritha and called him Rovan :O


  14. …those lines I have reserved it to wish some of my close pals..for their birthday wishes 😉

    Happy Birthday once again 🙂


  15. Happy bday again swaram :))

    Gud that U dint go for rock-climbing this year.. otherwise we might have missed these live updates ;)) [Yeah.. I know I am being selfish here.. but thats ok na 😉 :P]

    Have a blasting year ahead :))


  16. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! This is seriously a Page Three event, we need live coverage :-)))) Happy Birthday once again, dear girl!! Keep flashing that charming smile wherever you go 🙂


  17. Happy Birthday to you again Swaram! Don’t worry I shall not start the song routine like on FB! 🙂 Have a great year ahead! :))


  18. Happy Birthday to you 🙂
    Many more blog friends to you.
    More awards and more comments to you
    More invites to more blog-events to you…
    May every spammer turn out to be a reader 🙂
    May you continue to write long posts,
    and when it comes to commenting, may you always be first,
    yeah, always the leader 😆


  19. Many Many Happy Returns of the day dear 🙂 & you are so young?? 😛

    And with so many well wishers areound you I am sure you are having one hell of a day 🙂

    Kepe basking in the glory! And have loads n loads of fun 🙂


  20. A very happy happy birthday to a
    S-sweet, sensitive
    W- wonderful
    A- angel
    M-mast/must have dost in the blog and other world.
    :):) 🙂 god bless and have a lovely year ahead.


  21. Wish you a very very happy happy b’day 😀
    And I am going all “awwww” on all those cards and bouquets. …… 😀 😀 :
    Have a fun filled and rocking b’day 😀 😀


  22. happy happy happy b’day!!wish you loads of love and kisses and $#% this year and in all the years to come by!!

    ur b’day gift – i wll continue nablopomo!!
    and will u update gain saying i called and u didnt even recognise me??


  23. Hi Swaram,

    Just chanced by your blog and discovered it was your birthday. So, what better day to make friends? Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true.

    Nice blog. Have a great day and an equally great year.


  24. Happy Birthday Swaram… Hope you had a blast today. wishing you a wonderful and happiest year ahead…

    P.S: It is my wedding anniversary today 🙂

    take care


  25. Happy birthday, Swaram, many many happy returns of the day! Be happy and bubbly like this always!

    Thank god, I just came near the computer to peep in and saw this! The house if full of guests!

    Take care. God bless you!


  26. Do you want me to wish you again ??? 😀 😀 😀

    Wish you the happiest bday ever Swarr !!! and if it makes you any happy — aaawwwwwwwwwwww !!! 😀 😀 😀


  27. better late than never !

    Wish you a great day , and wonderful days in the years ahead !
    God bless you. … my happiness and contentment always be yours


  28. Swaram,

    Happy Birthday.
    you seem to be the most sweetest person in this blog world(no exaggeration thr )…considering the number of posts dedicated to u, the wishes pouring in n the comments u leave on ur frnds blogs…
    btw my first time here…I have read almost all ur posts 😀 ….n I like the smart Su 😛


    1. Hey S, thanks sooo much for the wishes and all ur sweet words 🙂
      Its just that I am surrounded by sweet people 🙂 🙂
      U hv a blog?


  29. Awww Swaram! Happy Birthday and Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. Hope you’re having a blast.
    May God Bless you…

    Tristan, Menaka & Theron


  30. Oops! Posted my comment too soon..

    *hugs* X 27 🙂

    Tum jiyo hazaaro saal, saal ke din ho pachas-hazaar
    Happy Birthday once again!!


  31. Let me be frank here… I don’t think birthdays are special occasions at all… I guess that’s what all men think – not sure though 😉 … We generally wish fearing the consequences of not doing so. So, with all fear in mind, wishing you a happy birthday 🙂

    Destination Infinity


    1. I believe in celebrating life everyday too, but with such sweet people arnd, some days do become all the more special 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks DI 🙂 🙂 🙂 And pls no fear 😛 😛


  32. My God…what a long post explaining all of that!!! lol…

    God bless, Swar! 🙂

    In fact I wanted to call u after reaching back home but didnt get any time at all 😦 Its been ages since we talked!


  33. Have a great great birthday..
    and hope u life remain as rocking forever !!

    This is great post and it just says why u r such a sweetheart for all !!


  34. Egads!!
    I stay away from the net for a few days and what do I miss?!!
    A BIRTHDAY!!!!
    How could I ?? 😦 !!!

    Belated wishes dear …..wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, free from worries and burglaries 😀
    Also wishing you unlimited ideas for blog posts, many lovely pictures and more friends.
    Bless you 🙂

    Much love,


  35. I am sooo late to the party here !! 😯
    Happy Birthday Swaram! 🙂
    and oh my! Just look at the love and warmth from all your friends:)))

    God bless you and yours sweetheart..
    And yeah my treat’s due when we meet 😛


  36. Hey!! Saw everyone doing a Birthday post for you. So thought I really need to check out this most popular blogger 🙂 Belated Birthday wishes!!!


  37. I go to the in-laws’ place for four days and look at what all I’ve missed 😦

    Belated b’day wishes Swaram! I won’t say the usual “I hope you had a grand day”, ‘coz you’ve certainly had a superb b’day(all the smileys in the post :D)

    here’s wishing you loads of happiness and cheer, good health for you and su, and more importantly may there always be a happy song in your life(like the URL says)


  38. many many happy returns of the day.. I could not smell the CAKE thats why i missed it … next time make srue CAKE IS THERE….



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