Treasure from Trash – Post3

When we started the Environment Team at YFS with the Parisara Ganapati initiative, little did we know what the future had in store for us. After a lot of brainstorming, we came up with Narayana Patra [in which we knock on every door in a locality, give them a cloth bag and ask them to keep a handful of rice/dal aside everyday while cooking. We collect this at the end of a month or two and this will be distributed amongst our tribal brethren or needy ] and other such activities.

I always had this urge to do something for the children we teach,  so that they learn the importance of saving resources from a tender age!  And children are like amazing monsters – Like they say, show them your finger tip and they gobble up your entire arm.  Started ‘Treasure from Trash’ craft classes for them, showed them a few things I made using pencil shavings, groundnut shells etc..  They asked me 100 qs immediately about what all they can use – broken bangles, dry leaves and what not!

We made a few simple plain greeting cards with a provision for students to write their names and other details on the back page. The idea of doing something on a greeting, which would be given to others appealed to them even more and lo! they came up with such  masterpieces! R.E.A.L.L.Y! Have a look 🙂

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Bangles, matchsticks, sand, dal – they have used it all 🙂

Balaraju poses with his creation 🙂 His Mom’s Bindi finds a place on his card too 😉

And few of them even made special ones for me 🙂  Like I said before, when I asked one of the girls if she had shown it to her Mother as she would have been very happy, she said ‘Akka, you are the one who teaches me so many things; you should be the one to see it first’.

Anusha with her gift for Akka 🙂 She is selfless enough to let her sister Anupriya in the frame too 🙂

Another gift from Madhavi 🙂 🙂 🙂

While on greetings, we had given a few to other children who love drawing and painting too. And they were nothing less 🙂

Oh yes! Portia finds a place along with Srinivas Ramanujam and Netaji 🙂

U liked them all din’t u 8)

And see what these girls came up with!

Since we were telling them so much abt waste management, reuse and other blah-blah, they innovatively reused the Nestle Curd cup as a dustbin! They collect all the dust from their bench in this one and discard it in the common trash can at the end of the day 🙂 Brilliant isn’t it!

Looks like I will be doing more of picture posts this time around 🙂  Lotz and lotz are waiting to be shared and to be honest, it’s easy to weave words around such magical pics than trying to cast my own boring spell 😛 😛

Three cheers for the third post! Yay 😉

P.S:  In Defence of Animals India [IDA India] has started the ‘Water Bowl Project’ to help animals beat the heat this summer. All we have to do is contact them. They will  provide you us a FREE cement BOWL which we can place close to our home, office,  galli, nukkad, wherever! They will even have it installed for FREE. All we have to do is fill the bowl whenever required  – AS  SIMPLE AS THAT!  Please check this out for more info.


  1. wow.. this is indeed incredible!
    The children are very talented and its good to see that your encouragement has done them proud! 🙂


  2. So beautiful is ur heart and the work u do….A super tight hug to you, my dear Frnd. 🙂 🙂 Actually, I really wish to give that hug in person. 🙂 🙂

    Lovely thoughts become lovely actions and thats what I see in those cards created by children. 🙂 With u as their beacon of guiding light, I see them shining on their road to success. 🙂 🙂 Am totally impressed. 🙂


  3. Awesome work and doing all this work kudos to you swaram.. glad i know you ..

    its gonne help these kids later in life with all this encouragement that you guys are giving them… Hats off …


  4. These pictures moved me swaram.
    It’s awesome the kind of work you’re doing. Keep it up.
    It inspires me to do something too.
    It’s wonderful that you’re working so hard at giving these little kids a normal life.


  5. I admire you more, Swaram! You have given them hint now, how to make greeting cards without spending much, they will follow this method always and remember you always!

    Nice to know you, girl!


  6. Oh Swaram.. I dont know how to appreciate you for your work. Seriously, you are just doing awesome job.. whenever i see this type of post, I feel I am wasting my life :(. Pl let me know if you have anything like this in Mumbai. I wanted to do like this, from long time.

    The kids are seriously creative.. All the cards are too good 🙂


  7. Lovely post Swaram! So much of creativity within the kids!
    You sure are a great “Akka”, a role model, not just for these kids, but for us too! Its not easy to dedicate one’s saturdays and sundays on work!!


  8. Lovely cards and drawings! As I have said before, I feel it’s great that you guys are doing such a selfless and noble job. 🙂
    The kids appreciating you for your effort and making a special gift for you – that must be sooooooooo satisfying na? Wonderful.
    And thanks for the info on the water bowl project. I’ll put it up on Facebook as well, so that more people can know about it! BTW is it only in Hyderabad or can we do it in Bangalore and other cities as well?


    1. U r so rt Priya. That satisfaction – nothing can beat it 🙂
      Infact, we get more than what the kids get 🙂 Rightly called ‘The Joy of Giving’ 🙂 🙂

      IDA project is running all over India Priya 🙂


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