Pixie said she is gonna write everyday 😯
I thought its not gonna work out for me anyway 😦

Monika said she is gonna do it too ❗
Now, how can I be left behind boohoo 😡

And then when Smitha pitched in,
I had an urge to do it too from within 8)

When Trish joined the bandwagon,
I so wanted to be in for this marathon 😀

When Meira announced it on her blog,
I knew I had to do it, even if I slog 🙄

Yay! Its nice that we also have Iya,
This is really gonna be great fun eh 😉

So, I am gonna be in for the NaBloPoMo
Wow! Doesn’t this rhyme with Docomo 😛

Isn’t this my best birthday gift to myself?
Rather than hoarding other things on my shelf 🙂

There will be pics, tags, crafts and ramblings!
And also some Su-gyaan and musings  😆

They say an apple a day keeps a doctor away,
Hope a post a day will not keep u friends away 😈

So, this will be on till the 30th of June 🙂
Plss let ur comments shine on my blog like the full-moon 😀