Nosey aunty,

Just because I went out when my husband was at home, does not mean that I don’t love him or that I do not care for him or that he does not miss me.  We do believe that love does not mean sitting at home and staring into each other or biting their ears with Mukhya Samachar from the neighbourhood, but about knowing there is one person who loves you with all their heart and knows you do too, from miles apart :mrgreen:

A piece of advice – Do take out some time for yourself!  You will like it and am sure Uncle definitely will  😉

Yours faithfully,
Uncontrolled, non-loving,always roaming wife


Noisy Colleague,

The first question that you fire at someone who gets late to work because they had a fall, hurt their back and had to visit the doctor is not definitely ‘U reallyyyyyyyy fell down?”  and M.O.S.T importantly, you do not follow it up with ‘What time did you fall down?’ , ‘Ohh! Someone fell on you? Which direction was the person coming from? Who hit first?’, ‘How many people came running to lift you?’ , ‘Did the doctor say your back will be like this lifelong?’, ‘How many pieces did your mobile break into?’,  ‘Oh! The SIM did not break? I never knew it was unbreakable!’.  Just imagine anyone repays you in the same coin when you don’t turn up almost every other day saying your wife/son/ FIL fell down, slipped etc..

With warm regards,
Wishing-u-learn-the-art-of-communication colleague