Weekend hs become one crazy phenomenon for sure. On Saturday, it was well past the regular arrival time of my maid. I was almost ready to pick up the cell and call her, when I heard the door bell ring.  I did nt ask her anything but my face threw a surprised/ questioning glance 🙄

Guessed her reply?

Weekend kada madam 💡  [Its weekend no madam!]


Hmmpf! When she got around to doing her work, I settled down on the swing to wish my cousin San on her birthday.  She turned 12 this yr .. sigh! hw I wish she ws still a small baby 😐

After the wishes, the birthday plans et..al discussed, we got around to talk about gifts!

San:  Can u give me something for my bday?

Me: Gift u mean? Sure 🙂

San:  Can u teach me how to blog?

No wonder I have been spreading the blogging fever all around in the family! My Mom asks me if I am done with the post for the day whenever she calls me 😉 Oh, she also asked me why I did not participate in a particular blogging contest … I ws not even aware of it till she told me abt it .. ahem 8)

Okie, so the conversation continues:

San: Did u watch any movie of late?

Me: Hmm none.  Hw bt u?

San: Same here. How is Rajneeti?

Me: Heard its gud .. only if u r interested in Politics though 🙂

San: Oh not @ all. Thatz the reason I don’t even stand for elections 😛

I am not sure who asked her to stand for elections though, because before I could ask her that, her context had switched elsewhere!

San: Do u know Marie Curie?

Me: Ya .. Radium 😀

San: You know what is induction?

Me: Yes ma’am! Long long ago, I went to school too 🙂

San: Tell me how u convert mechanical into electrical energy!

He bhagwaan! Kis chakkar mein pad gayi subah-subah 😯 [Where  am I caught early in the morning!]

San: I have all the details on my PC. You can refer to it too when u come to Blr 🙂 Btw, can u give the phone to Bhava [BIL i.e Su] I wil ask him some ideas for my blog

God bless her!


Btw, do  you people believe that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind? Picture this!

Su goes to a village for some meeting. Its a beautiful village. There’s a lovely waterfall on the way and the guest-house he stays in is plain awesome. So, Su is settled on his bed watching FIFA on a big LCD screen which is fit on an orange-coloured wall. All of a sudden, he sees a cheetah inside. Wondering what a cheetah is doing watching Football, he realizes its a reflection of the Cheetah next to his own reflection. Terrorized, he turns aside to see that a cheetah has settled down comfortably on the other side of the bed! What better advertisement for the World Cup no 😛 😛  He then picks up a javelin and starts a fierce battle with the cheetah. Four more people [probably care-takers of the guest house] join him and finally the cheetah is defeated 😉 Now tell me, why would I even have such a thing in my mind 😉  Any such weird dreams that u ppl hv had?


While we are on the topic of the World Cup, my favv team is Germany. Just loved seeing them thump Australia yesterday 😉  Though I love watchingPodolski and Klose play, my favourite player is Messi 🙂  How about you folks? Which team and which player? And isn’t that Waka Waka song just awesome? I loveee it 😀

Have a great week ahead 🙂 And thanks for all your comments on my filler tribute post :mrgreen: