Deeps had done it sometime back. Pix did it too.  Here is my version :mrgreen:

1. Indebted to someone for life

My grandparents [My Mom’s parents]. I believe that they have laid a very strong foundation which my entire family today lives upon. Equality, mutual respect, importance of family bonding are all lessons I first learnt from them.

I miss you both so much, but I know you are there watching all of us from wherever you are and happy that your entire family still continues to live the same way … full of love 🙂

2. A gesture that left me speechless

We had just returned from a vacation. It was about 10.00 p.m already on a Sunday. We had just unpacked whatever was important, changed and were ready to retire for the day when we heard a knock on the door. It was Raju – he and his wife Maniamma were the care-takers of our apartment. He handed over a carry bag to me containing a few basic vegetables …. onions, tomatoes, chillies, coriander, ginger, lime and I think one or two other varieties. He had taken the pain of looking for a shop which was open @ that hour so that we won’t struggle to cook our lunch the next day morning, as we had to rush to work! This when we had not even asked for it ❗  Maniamma used to work in almost all houses in the apartment. Whenever she was not feeling well, Raju used to fill in for her and come to our house to wash the vessels etc.. They were such a lovely couple. We have moved from that place in Hyderabad now .. but Maniamma called me recently to say that they have bought a cell-phone and gave us the number 🙂 God bless them!

3. Say ‘Sorry’ to someone

I know my loved ones [family and friends] would never expect a note of apology from me. They love me beyond all my vices. But still, sorry to all those whom I have hurt knowingly/ unknowingly – with my words, deeds, cold wars or whatever it is.  Sorry from the bottom of my heart 🙂

4. Say ‘Thank you’ to someone

Nagi Uncle. When I got married,  little did I know that I would develop such a special bond with my FIL’s youngest brother who treats me like his own daughter, as much as he treats Su like his own son! Itz just inexplicable ❗ He is there for us whenever we need him. We moved cities – he was there for us with all that we needed to set up a new home! Whenever he came down from the US, he used to make a trip to Hyderabad just to spend time with us. On most of their family vacations, he buys two tickets for us too and we don’t ever oppose him .. he just does not give us a chance 😛 I can’t believe you maintain the same warm relation with my parents and my sister, even when I am staying miles away. You know how much we both love you Uncle. You are not only a father figure for us, but also a great friend and a confidant. Thank You so much for being there for us 🙂

5. Most cherished possession till date

My most cherished possession till date and forever will be:

  • My lovely family:  And that includes not only my Dad, Mom, Sis and Su but also my aunts, uncles, cousins who shower so much love on me that I sometimes ponder what have I done to be blessed with them? Especially after the robbery @ home, I have realized more than ever that any other material possession can just not stay with me forever; but love will! Even after people pass on, their warmth will stay with us, just like my grandparents still do 🙂
  • My friends: When I started blogging, little did I know that this would open the door to a beautiful world filled with love and fun. The virtual bonds are so real … more real than the real ones now 🙂 Thanks so much for being there for me through thick and thin.  And there’s absolutely no exaggeration here 🙂

6. A special moment that brings a smile to my face

Oh its so difficult to choose one. Letz see 🙂

  • My sister had to undergo a surgery just 2 days before her 12th final exam in Physics.  A boil on her neck had suddenly grown too much and had to be operated immediately. Even while going to the OT, she was asking the surgeon if she would be well enough to study and write the exam.  My sister is totally opposite of me in nature. Very soft, talks less till she is close to someone and does not take on anybody or oppose as much. But, she is the courageous one when it comes to such things, esp. doctors 😛 😛 She had to write her exams dressed up for the wound, difficult to move her neck around and we were in tears to see her struggling, but had to swallow it all so that she would not feel low. When the results were out, she had scored cent percent and I just can’t tell how proud I feel about her for that! Not just bcoz she scored 100 but for all that she had gone thru but still put up a brave face 🙂
  • My wedding .. It was full of fun and frolic. We were playing Antakshari and dumb-charades till late in the night on the eve. Su’s uncles were reciting our love story with classic songs woven into them, one of his uncles was doing the Charlie-Chaplin dance, my chotu cousins had gone totally mad dancing around all the time … and most importantly, nobody asked me to act like a shy bride 😛 😛   My cousins had even planned a superb gift for Su .. chillies decorated in all forms and wrapped to make a big giftpack, bcoz he does not like spicy things @ all and so on.  Totally fun 🙂

Also, today is my lil sister San’s bday. She is the youngest of my all my cousins and so, our sweet sweet baby – even though she is no longer one 😉  Happy birthday San Princess 🙂  I hope and wish u wil be as bubbly as u r now all ur life 🙂

Ahem ….  I am done saying all that I wanted to. Wonderful tag this one is 🙂

Please do take it up … would love to read your versions 🙂