… to my once-existing farm 😛 😛

FarmVille might just be a just a farm simulation game for people who cursed all those updates on their FB pages 😉 😉  But for most of us farmers, it was an integral part of our life 😛

How much we struggled to earn those extra coins to buy a big farm, invest in sophisticated instruments and post message after message on our Wall asking people to fertilize our farms with a sincere promise to repay the favour!

We even went about adding our friends’ husband/wife whom we did not know to increase our neighbour count 😉

I remember one of my friends saying that she had her alarm set @ 2.00 a.m to get up and harvest her blue-berries right on time  😯   Sigh! Thatz how loony we were 😉

Ploughing, sowing and harvesting were important parts of discussion on our chat sessions too 😛  Sending gifts, adopting lost animals – what fun it was ❗

And me, I used to try sooo much to overtake the husband and move on to levels higher than him … finally achieved it bcoz he gave up sooner than I did 😡

Anyways, this is a tribute to my beautiful farm which is now extinct and to all those farms of my friends which are in the same state too 😮  I think even bonds of our friendship grew stronger over those days of farming … yay to that!

A few photos from my farm just in case something wrong happens to FB and they go kaboom 🙄  *God forbid*  Preserving them here for eternity 😆

Oh ya! Cheers to those who are still farming 😀 😀

Dare anybody say this is a filler post 😛 😛 😛 😛