Biting cold … colder than ever before. Pitch dark … just few days past the new moon day  which means the moon was just peeping through, probably for the kiddos who would not have even a grain of rice without catching a glimpse of their Chanda Mama 💡

Oooooooooooo howled the dogs and tak  tak tak tak from the Gurkha’s lathi provided superb background effect. Windows closed, curtains drawn! She pulled over her new quilt and lay down hoping to catch up with some blissful sleep before the alarm would go tringggggg the next day! Nt the time she could hit the snooze button too! The exams were on and if not this, the Mommy alarm would have done the needful with those sweetish bitter words that she could anyway sleep for long hours once the exams are over;)

Laying down cosily and that too the new colourful quilt .. awww felt like heaven and she so wanted to be cuddled up in bed with only her books for company and some favourite music playing in the the background.

The clock struck one and she could count the no. of hours she could stay in this dreamy cosy state on one hand itself .. just 4! She closed her eyes immediately brushing away all those sweet things she ws dreaming about.

She is fast asleep when she feels a pat on her back.  Ignores! She feels it again! ‘Shoo‘ she says and adjusts her quilt. The third time and she yells @ her sister ‘Y dumbo, y r u dng this? Whatz that u want? No answer.  Raises her voice this time ‘Hey loose, am asking you what do u want?’  She feels the sister is pretending to be in deep sleep and is fooling her. Shakes her violently and now is her turn to be rebuked. ‘U stupid, y r u waking me up’ says the sister with her eyes closed!

Nw, she is shocked 😯  or was it scared 👿 Did not help either that the watchman had told her that he had seen Mohini [the beautiful ghost clad in a white saree, hairs left open and that sound of the jingles!] in front of the apartment a few days back 😯  She turned back to see who was playing games with her! A pair of green eyes looked @ her and she was dumbstruck for a moment. It ws as though the two of them were playing the game of ‘Who will blink first’ And then, the black beauty spoke ‘MEOW MEOW‘.

Ahhhhhhh Amma Ayyo Rama Rama she yelled and jumped out the of the bed! The sister woke up immediately in a state of shock and the mother ran to her room. All three of them stood staring @ the cat! The cat ws scared by now and found no place to run out! It demonstrated its ever-famous cat walk on the quilt which served like the carpet. The Mom and daughters moved to one side now and gave way for the cat to run away and so it did! Dad had joined the fun by now and all four of them had a hearty laugh at ‘The Mystery of the Pat on the Back’

Wonder what is it with me and the cats! A few years before this, a cat had made my wardrobe its home along with 4 of its kittens! And for heaven’s sake, I still don’t know how and when it got into my locked cupboard!  It would not allow me to even take my dresses from the wardrobe as it was probably scared of what we would do to its kids 🙂 God bless the Mothers 🙂

Anyways, thatz about my love affair with the cats. Any such love affair u ppl have experienced in life 😛 I would love to know 🙂

Meow Meow Meow err Have a gr8 day 🙂