The past weekend is one which will be etched in my memory for years to come! A truly cherished one! It ws a dream come true to get to listen to A.R.Rahman live in concert! I ws trying to write about it from the time I returned back from the concert past midnight on the 24th of October but I just could not find words! Thatz what music does isn’t it and to top it, if its from a magician like Rahman! Out-of-the-world, splendid, fantabulous, blissful all seemed way too less effective to describe the feeling! It ws definitely all that and much more!

And what else do u require when it also coincided with meeting another good blog friend, Vimmuuu [Second the good friend part atleast here :evil:]. For the record, he now says Su is his best friend and they both had a gala time discussing abt the pros and cons of marriage! Vimmuuu said Su is his only source of ideas for a happy marriage πŸ™„ Thanks for the happy marriage certificate Vims πŸ˜›Β  Su hs also told him that the secret to a happy marriage is in one simple exercise of the neck – wonly the longitudinal movement! Never, never go in for the latitudinal movement baah 😈 Whatever, I really felt Vimmuuu is just what he seems on his blog – cool, joker and for those who call him the devil, yes yes yes!Β  😦 Cn u believe he asked me not to stare @ him and reminded me that he is engaged! Sure thinks he is a hero! N then tells meΒ  I have scary eyes 😯

We did attend the concert together, a nice, fun-loving group of 6 – Me, Su, Vimmuuu, 2 of his friends and another blog-friend of mine Shruthi!

Am not sure if I can really do justice to what I write here about the concert, but I want to remember this day all my life and it holds a special place for me! A few days later, if I want to look back and relive those moments, I want to turn to this page and feel that joy again and again!

From swaying to the tunes of Snehithuda [Telugu version of Chupke se from Saathiya]rendered by Sadhna Sargam to rocking to the beats of Khalbali hai Khalbali [Rang De Basanti] and the like to tapping my feet to Humma humma [Bombay], Paapu Can’t Dance Saala [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na]and that romantic feeling with some all-time gr8 romantic hits in Ae Haseen Wadiyan from Roja [the Telugu version – Vijay Prakash and Shweta Pandit did a fabulous job] and Jashn-e-Bahara [Jodhaa-Akbar] in the magnetic voice of Javed Ali, there ws all of it! Not to forget losing oneself in that ecstatic mood, drowning in the Sufi melodies Khwaja mere Khwaja [Jodhaa Akbar]and Arziyan [Dilli 6]!

It ws really wonderful to enjoy the song Mustafa Mustafa [Duniya Dilwalon Ki] which is an evergreen song dedicated to friends in the company of friends πŸ™‚

The breath-taking stage settings complemented the music perfectly! Whether it ws the landmarks of Dilli playing in the background for the Dilli6 song, the smileys dancing in the background for Kabhi Kabhi Aditi [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na] or the Dargah setting for the Sufi songs with the singers seated with the harmonium with the traditional cap on their head, the attention to details is truly worth mentioning! Hats off to all the people involved in each and every job to make this event such a huge success! It surely did elevate the atmosphere to a spiritual realm free from all extremes! The royal backdrop for the song Azeem-o-Shaan Shahenshah [Jodhaa Akbar again] spoke volumes about the harwork of the people behind the stage!

Rahman truly seems to be down-to-earth person! His welcome greeting in the name of the crowd in Telugu ‘Andari ku Namaste‘Β  [Greetings to all] and the warmth which he said ‘I cannot see beyond the first row of people but I love all of you had the crowd cheering for him more and more!

I love the way he encourages new talent too! The entire chorus including Suzanne with Aye Bacchu from Ghajini, Swetha Pandit with Chandralekha, Rashid Ali with Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Javed Ali with Jashn-e-Bahara, Neeti Mohan who rocked Maiya-Maiya [Guru],Blaze, Benny Dayle, Vivianne all of them definitely deserve an applause! Sivamani ws @ his usual best and Chitra ws as usual awesome with Kehna Hi Kya from Bombay and Jiya Jale from Dil Se!

It ws really a nice gesture to have paid tribute to the Late CM YSR and the flood victims with the song Naina Bahaye Neer from Water and Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna from Sarfarosh as the screens on the sides for the benefit of half a lakh people who could not see the stage showcased different events from YSR’s life!

The patriot in each person in the audience came alive when Rahman started ‘Jai Ho’ [Slumdog Millionaire]with his entire chorus and the crowd joined in! Brilliant fireworks lit up the Hyderabad sky as almost every single member of the crowd stood up on his chair and lent his voice to the Call to the Nation! Jai Ho ws followed by Vande Mataram which marked the end of the concert! Almost 4 hrs had gone by but probably nobody had realized the same!

There ws a provision where you could send an SMS which would be displayed on the side screens! The SMS which flashed across them @ the end of the program read ‘After a He-man, Spider-man, Bat-man, Super-man, now we have Rah-man‘ ARR is definitely all that and more!

Its amazing isn’t it that music transcends all barriers! It speaks one language – there were songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu but all that mattered ws music!

I just did not want the day to end but then thatz life .. it teaches us to carry the happiness in our hearts! And yes, the joy of sharing it is much more πŸ™‚ I know this seems more like a recollection of events of that day and a list of all songs that were performed .. but this post is very close to my heart! I am able to feel that happiness again as I key in these words. I truly thank the Lord for giving us a variety of things in life to find happiness in! Beauty does lie in the eyes, the ears of the beholder πŸ™‚

Magical Musician, thy name is Rahman!