Whoa! I tried to hold myself  the entire day yesterday from trying to judge the new version or  Bollywood’s ode to ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumara’ as they prefer to call it!  And since my last post was about many other things and a nice poem I wanted to share, I did not want to put up any analysis of this song there 🙂

I did like it in bits and pieces … and those bits are the ones involving Rahman and his continuum [which I really ws eager to see after listening to it in Rehna Tu from Dilli6],  the parts from Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt.Shivkumar Sharma and Rashid Khan .. I just lovvved it :D. Among the BWood playback, I think I liked only Shreya Ghoshal’s part!

One thing which really made me happy was that they roped in sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik .. really happy such talent is being recognized too.

It ends there for me.  The song makes one feel India is synonymous with BollyWood … no wonder they now claim it ws indeed BWood’s ode to Indian Republic and to the much loved and respected ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’.  And then, the way the sports persons have been cast makes me feel they have been given a consolation prize ..as though they got them in so that no one is able to point their finger or announce a strike or bundh!  Its really really sad 😦  And what surprised me most was that not even a single cricketer was a part of it! What was the idea? Is it that people were saying some time back that cricketers are a pampered lot here in India? Did they want to prove that wrong?

And the armed forces ..  shudn’t they hv been in the limelight?  Where are our farmers?

Deepika’s dress .. no comments 😛 I think Vimmuuu has said it all 😉  Another dissection post I enjoyed reading is KrishAshok’s!  Thanks  Shru for this link 🙂

Another thing which was shocking for me in the last few days was the news that Saif Ali Khan has been awarded the PadmaShri !!!!! And when I put it up as a status on FB, I got the max. no of comments I hv got anytime on any of my status messages 😛 😛 Says it all isn’t it 😉  I really wonder if  we r so obsessed with BWood that we feel we have to select someone for the PadmaShri every yr?

This is what one of my friends had to say : If govt is going to give awards like this … how abt giving me Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award … Atleast I play games on facebook 🙂

And then, there is this joke doing the rounds:

Soha  to Sharmila : Mommy, bro got Padmashri!
Sharmila : Teekh se dekho, advertisement hoga!!! 😛

I really don’t think he deserves it .. what say folks?