Had a long, tiring day today. One of our friends’ sister had been operated a few days back and while she was getting her bandage removed today, my friend fainted on seeing all that blood and puss, and had to be rushed to the casualty as she hurt her chin! Thankfully, there is no major injury and she is back home.  God bless!

We came back after dropping her home just now, and I logged into FB to ease myself.  I saw a message that Amma and Daddy had changed their profile pictures, actually added one for the very first time. I called them and it turned out that neither of  them knew the other had done it, and it is just so awesome that they had both added a pic of theirs’ together, and from the same trip too 🙂

I know it is nothing big, but somehow it brought out that much needed smile on my face 🙂 Whenever I see their mutual love and respect which has just grown stronger over the years, all I ask God is to let that stay so forever, and that Su and me grow old with each other  such beautifully too 🙂

Amma's choice 🙂
Daddy's this one 🙂

Do send out prayers for my friend.  It was just today morning that I was talking to  her on phone about a trip we had to make for a friend’s brother’s marriage next weekend, and here they say it will take 15 days for her to be healed completely.  Hope she gets well soon. Happy Sunday to all of you 🙂