Am so lost today and can’t think of a better title 😛   Know what? I hurt my right index toe the day before yesterday. It’s swollen, the pain is severe and I have fever too 🙄

And how did it happen? I was giving the sister some nice gyaan on how to tackle her manager 😉 and was parallely putting the washed dishes back in their places and all the juggling resulted in  3 non-stick Prestige tawas falling on the said toe!  Bechara!  So, I was at home even yesterday and got so much work done – read many blogs and found some new ones too,  spent some nice quality time with my books and clicked a lot many pics around the house.  I feel so bored and it’s just not my cup of tea to sit at home all day long, but they are not letting me go out :grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I actually get a headache if I don’t venture out atleast once during the day – REALLY!  Sigh! Sad me 😦   The pampering has been good though 😛

And here is what I did to kill time. There’s this nice mango tree just next to my kitchen balcony and I have decided to capture all the stages of the fruit this time.  So, here is how they are right now – soo cute and tender 😀

This screw and it’s reflection – I thought this is a nice way to learn about angles, no?  😛 😛

Few of my plants bore flowers and they made my day 🙂  They were just seeds or these minute saplings when we got them here and today, they have grown up sooo much 🙂  These are in the balcony adjacent my living room [What all am I boring u ppl with to make up this one post :|]

Spadix inflorescence

And this oneeee is one of my mossssst fav corners at home. Sitting on this jhoola, sipping tea with a book in hand, or just seeing those plants in my balcony or just swaying to some music – ahhh! bliss 😀

Lemme not bore you any more. Err, but now that I think of it, the title actually sounds musical 😉 He he, have a nice weekend people 😀