You know, there are these days when you just feel like crying for no reason?  Feel like just sulking sitting in a corner and do nothing? And some other days, where you are just happy; happy enough not to even hunt for the source! Well, not that it’s required actually 😉 Am told my great grandma had a theory for this – if someone has been performing those annual rituals on your death anniversary from the last birth, your mood is on the lower side that day 😛  And when they are narrating tales of those sweet memories of yours, you are happy – just like that !?!

I somehow like it you know, this theory I mean, because it makes me feel someone from my last janam actually cares for me, and that makes you smile anyway 😉

So, today is one such day. And I don’t even know why I have been smiling just like that !?!  One of my plants flowered in the morning and that too, just from seeds that I had got on my last trip to Bengaluru – was that in Nov?  So, my Uncle gave me these seeds that were remaining after he had sown them at home and I just put them in my pot here and today I have this young plant filled with pink beauties 😀 I think it started from here … hmm, may be?

And then, Su said he will come home early today!  Oooh! I was dying to hear those words for sometime now.  Following that, I went into this la-la land dreaming about all those times before marriage, when we found different places and bahanas to meet 😛  Su used to come to pick me up from work and then we used to barge into some coffee shop, some other dine-in etc.. etc.. On one such evening, since we had left pretty early and thanks to the nice evening weather, we decided to go to a park nearby 😉 Now, this park was adjacent to a temple. When we had just entered the park and found a nice place to sit down, there came this security guard saying ‘Bandu bidthare sanje aythu andre; bere kelasaneilla madakke jeevanadalli madakke; Appa-ammana bhaya, illi namage tapatraya’ [They just wait for the evening to come to such places; have nothing else to do in life 😛 Scared of parents, and here they come to trouble us] And he drove us away with his laati 😯 All that you have to do in the name of love! Hmmpf!

There was this other time when Su had taken a day off as he was not keeping well and my MIL was keeping guard and nursing him back to health. Thankfully, she had to rush to wind up some chores immediately and Su called me up and asked me to come to a certain place midway during the lunch hour 😉 I told him I had carried Dal rice for lunch that day, and knowing my liking for spicy food, he had got some Balhkada menasinakai [Green chillies filled with salt , soaked in butter-milk and sun-dried. They are then stored and shallow-fried whenever required. A great accompaniment esp. for Dals and Khadis] for me too 😀  And then there was this challenge to get back to home before the MIL arrives 😉  Not that she would have said anything, but still 😉 Such fun times they were :mrgreen:

My Uncle had come to Hyderabad sometime in Jan. When he visited Mom’s place a few days ago, it seems he was telling them not to have faith in our promises of coming back to Bengaluru. He met our group of friends since we had a potluck that day, and was amazed to see that we had such a biggg gang in a city which me had made home for less than 4 yrs now.  For now, we are not sure of when we would get back to pavilion, but the very thought of this city being so dear to us, that it has given us such warm friends makes me feel happy again 😀

Err I don’t even know where this post is heading to 😉  Am yet to post book reviews which are lying in the draft, a few pics etc.. but they can wait!  Oh and ya, we are going on another VanaYatra next weekend – again the train journey, the different people we get to meet, that group of 20-odd friends – bliss!  Life is good 😀

Andddd! When I am happy and I know, and I really want to show, I BLOG 8)

Happy weekend people. Please come back to this space again tomorrow for some more blah-blah! You know this blog-world and you friends keep me sane happy, don’t you 😉