One of the wonderful things about the work I am engaged in currently is that I get to meet people who are working towards a cause with all their conviction. I am lucky to be able to meet and get to hear about women who have believed in their abilities to the fullest and have been the initiators of change.  Their stories really touched me and made me take more pride than ever, on being born a woman!

One such social organization from Bihar shared these two inspiring stories and I found them to be amazing!

This one is about a village called Gari Mohanpur, somewhere between Munger and Banka in Bihar. A group of dacoits had raided this village some 30 years ago and the attack was so fatal that the villagers are scared to recollect the events even today. When the local administration failed to provide them sufficient security, the villagers took it upon themselves to keep guard. While the gents took up th responsibility of external security, while the women take care of things within the village. They are even armed with swords and their traditional weapons like barchhi, gandasa etc.. [These are from the notes I managed to take down; so pls let me know if you know more about these or if they sound different etc..] And it seems they do not hesitate from using them when required and don’ t for a minute doubt whether they can be on par with the men of the village! The security is now so tight that, let alone the dacoits trying to attack the village, no one even tries to capture the booths during elections!  They quoted an elderly lady from the village saying that even the politicians are afraid to play their card there because of the equality!  What an example to follow this village is, isn’t it!

The other example was Munni Bharati from Saran, whose only son Manoj was born differently-abled [his organs of hearing and speaking impaired]. Her husband Krishna Singh is an electrician, while she is a home-maker. When they admitted him to the village school, children started laughing at him and this pained her deeply. The family, despite their financial constraints, got the boy admitted in a residential school for such children in Patna, but the facilities in the school did not satisfy her. This inspired her start teaching such kids on their own. She was determined to make them self-reliant. She learnt methods to teach them and started doing so at her home [in 2003]. Her house became famous as the school for deaf and dumb, and is now known as ‘Saran Deaf and Dumb’ school. Today, 62 children are a part of this school and her son Manoj lends her a helping hand too 🙂 Munni also wants to impart vocational training to these children, so that the lead an independent life 🙂

How I wish more such stories reach us all in large numbers!  God bless such people!