I was browsing through a friend’s FB album today. There was a pic of her elder one’s reactions on seeing the younger sibling for the first time. Somehow, it reminded me of the first time that I was taken to see my younger sister at the hospital – in a blue frock, peeping through the door because I was jealous to see the tiny being occupying *my* place next to *my* Amma, and also because the drips and other things scared me πŸ˜› We are just 3ish years apart, so am not sure if I really remember the first meet so vividly !?! It may just be Β from the n recitals I have heard about it from the parents, the grandparents and the doting aunts. But it brought a huge grin on me.

Just like another little thing today did! AuntyΒ used a word which I have not heard for years now. A simple ‘Ko’ which means ‘Take’, mostly ‘Thogo’ in the circles I move in. It reminded me of the paternal grandmother. She used to always use that word for ‘take’ and almost every time I used to tell her not to use the word in front of my friends because it sounded *village-like* πŸ˜› (One of those periods where we all liked to show off being sophisticated)Β And today, THAT very word reminded me of her, in a sweet way of-course and I smiled a silly smile, much to Aunty’s amusement πŸ˜‰

It’s funny what such little things can do at times; just felt like jotting them down πŸ˜€