Yay-ing about nothing really great actually 😉 But sometimes the little things make you happier, no? Like ….

  • The sleepless nights are over. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch because sleeping in the same position because even a little jerk could hurt the knee left me bored, tired and what not! I am able to toss and turn now without the knee giving away and it is such a blessing. celebrity fashion gallery
  • While on blessings, the biggest of them has been that I am now able to walk, after a month which seemed soooo long. Not walk really fast or straight or head out of home, but without a walker and without much pain and that is really something! I can walk to the table to serve my own food, walk to the sink to wash my hands and step out into my little balcony garden and enjoy the company of my greens. scuba diving in menorca
  • Talking about my greens, I CANNOT stay without plants around. And like they know me well, they are all in their best stages 🙂 Either the pink roses or the white ones, or the hibiscus or the firecraker flower or all of them are blooming every single day. The coriander and curry leaves are sprouting well too and eating hot and steaming Rasam garnished with these from your own garden – nothing like it.free smileys
  • In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying quality online time – reading some great stuff, discovering some great avenues to shop online and know the stories behind them, their artisans and so on. I am an out-and-out people’s person and I love how shopping like this helps me to connect with the designer/seller, explore if they have stuff to suit my need and if they don’t, the offer to make them exclusively for me makes it all so warm and touching.scuba diving in menorca
  • How can I talk about reading and not mention that I got to read some really gripping tales? I can’t even imagine spending insomniac nights without books. Phew! rolleye smileys
  • I also did a small room makeover and was really happy with the outcome. Nothing great, but just moving things around, adding some more green quotient, a good old bedside lamp repaired and put back in place and playing around with some knick-knacks here and there did the trick. Not to forget, an utterly-butterly cute patchwork bedspread that I bought during the shopping sojourns was what triggered it all celebrity fashion gallery

If I had to add more to that list, one of them would definitely be yapping away to glory on this blog which was dusting away in a corner. scuba diving in menorca Which also means, I should thank all of you for being here and with me. Have a happy weekend dearies and do leave a wish for me to feel much better soon. Tata!