Well, that is the kind of title you can think of when you are gonna do a total random post and that too at some ungodly hour of the day. But I thought I owe you guys an update and owe a post to some more things!?! in life.

First things first, I am glad to say the swelling and shooting pain have now reduced. Am still moving from the couch only when it is totally absolutely necessary ,but atleast the leg does not look as scary as before or does not cause those untimely bouts of shooting pain πŸ™‚ A known devil read consistent known pain is always better no? πŸ˜‰

So what about the aunt? Maa and Su did not trust me enough to leave me alone at home. Err actually they were confident that I would get up and try to danceΒ walk. But neither of them could afford to take a longer leave and Maa found out that there was a distant aunt who had stayed with some new mums etc.. and was very good at what she did. Now this aunt hails from a family of very famous cooks who are until now called for almost all the functions in their town and Maa was sure that if not anything else, she could atleast do the cooking so that Su can still manage the other things. Convincing her was the only thing on top of Maa’s mind while I was not sure if I really wanted someone from outside at all, reasons being many. It’s at times like these that I actually relish my ‘Me’ time all the more – to just read a book and my fav blogs, to escape from the 100 inquisitive questions people have, because I sit in the simplest and most comfortable clothes all day long without bothering about who is around, because Su serves me in ‘n’ different ways. What if she tries to find faults in all these and talks about how what I should not be doing? What if she is interested in talking about things I am not interested in and bores me? Not that it could change what I am, but it could definitely irk the sick me no? I had never met her before and Maa had seen her only once or twice, that’s all. Am so glad she agreed to come in and that she proved me wrong! She is such a blessing and such a wonderful, strong, confident woman. She is about 50, is not from any city, not *educated*, but is such a leader of a woman. A single Mom, she has raised 2 daughters all on her own by doing small jobs including cooking in a few homes, working in a few offices and so on. She has been trying to get her elder daughter to have a kid by adoption as they were not able to conceive one naturally and how people ridicule her for that and how she told them whether they had one naturally (which was not feasible) or by adoption, it was going to be their child after-all! Orphanages have given her different reasons ranging from giving kids only to couples having an income above a considerably hugeee amount to giving kids only to American couples!!!! but she has still not given up the battle! Not only that, when her daughter called her yesterday to tell her that somebody had been stalking her and she was sh*& scared about it, she handled it so very well – did not get emotional and shed a tear or express any fear! Every single day with her, am getting to learn something. She is immersed in books, knows when I need my time, does not shy away from doing any work at home even though Su keeps telling her not to do anything other than cooking and is so open to learn anything from anybody – keeps asking me about different dishes that we cook here so that she can learn them too. Β I wonder how we can even repay what she has been doing for us? All I can do is pray for her well-being. Am not even sure how much of this made sense to anybody, but I really owe it to her and I wanted this to be put down here in my journal.

Now coming to the friend; it takes small things to make your day refreshing – the rains in Hyderabad are doing that to me. And today that one mail from a friend did. He just returned from a trip to Mud-Kafnu in the Kinnaur valley and sent me a mail in the morning with the pics because he knew they could brighten my day πŸ™‚ What touched me more was a line which said ‘ ….Β also I’m attaching a few pics to use in your blogs.‘ How sweet is that!:) Β Looking at the pics made me feel so pepped up while calls from Smithu and Deeps made me feel all the more better – I chatted with them for almost more than an hour or so forgetting everything else around me. I had this smile glued to my face when the traveller friend called me. I wanted to know every single detail about the trip and he did entertain me on that. And what more? He also told me that he had got something special for me – he had collected a variety of stones from along his trek JUST for me πŸ™‚ He really made me forget how much I hated him for having gone there when I am not even able to step out of home πŸ˜› πŸ˜› God bless him too!:D

I think that’s enough randomness for one post; but before I leave, here are a few pics that he wanted me to share with my blog friends πŸ™‚ Ya ya, the header is from there too.

I asked him why he did not get PattharΒ for me and not PhoolΒ when there were so many varieties in the valley? And he said that was because Patthars will last long πŸ˜›

Have a gr8 weekend all of you and don’t miss on those little things in life which mean a lot. As for me, I am all set for a back-packing trip once I am on my feet πŸ˜‰