Itz amazing how we sometimes think of someone and they call us almost immediately like they read our mind from the distance. Or we feel like meeting someone and it materializes sooner than we expected.

One of my best friends C was due sometime in the second week of August. The day before yesterday, I had this instant urge to speak to her – it was almost 10 in the night.  I had spoken to her just few days before and she had told me doctor said they might wait for the full term.  She was not picking up the phone and I was telling Su how I had a feeling she has already delivered or was going to have a baby that day 😛  Well, I did not succeed in getting her over the phone and so decided to try yet again the next morning – thatz yesterday.  I was infact waiting eagerly for some earthly hour to talk to her and lo! We get a message @ around 4:45 saying she had delivered sometime back and both of  them were doing perfectly fine 🙂

I so felt like she must have been getting ready to go to the hospital and that news was conveyed to me miles across and I was feeling that she is gonna deliver soon. I am not even sure if this makes sense 😛 but it makes me feel so nice about such vibes 🙂 Friends are always in our thoughts and so are we in theirs. I am waiting for her to get home and see the pics now, esp. after her Mom told me excitedly that the baby looks sooo cute and red and added just like me too 😛  And this reminds me I had felt the same way when Monika delivered too!

Another couple in our friends circle are due this month too – on their wedding anniversary! Thatz sooo sweet no 🙂
Wishing all the new Moms and Dads the best of luck in their new journey 🙂 God bless!

P.S  I do have a strong belief that vibes travel far and wide. So, let’s all join in and pray for the speedy recovery of IHM’s daughter. God bless them all and hope she recovers soon.