Marriage brings along with it a lot of things – love, trust, responsibility and also an extended family. There have been times when I have been sooo mad with mine that I have thought they are too interfering or possessive and a lot more and even felt that I can never get along with them. But then, sometimes I feel they happily let us on our own and not impose anything at all.  Thatz life indeed – probably depends on how we take it.  So, I wanted to list down a few moments which I have really cherished over the years.  Positive thoughts and happy moments do make up for any void feeling in life 🙂

1)  The Mother-in-law hunting every sari shop in Malleswaram, Bengaluru and all set to barge into every shop in the nook and corner of the city to get me a blue sari for the wedding as it’s my favorite colour and bcoz she thought I would look very beautiful ahem 😉 in the same.  Also, when she told me that I need not even have a doubt in my mind about wearing any kind of dress or being any different from what I was.

2) A few months before our wedding, Su and me were planning to go out when his sister asked us if we could drop her and the niece [who was about an yr old] @ the doctor’s for some vaccination.  We did so and were waiting for her  when she drove us out from there telling us that we should spend time with each other and she could go home on our own. We vehemently opposed but she would take none of it. I remember she even gave us some cash and said she was treating us and asked us to have fun over ice-cream @ Corner House. I think it was very sweet of her to do that  🙂

3) When we got married and I moved into the in-laws house, the niece used to always hide somewhere and give me a shy smile. She was probably still getting used to the fact that someone other than the people she was used to was there @ her grandparents’ place whenever she came visiting.  But, she did understand that Su and Swaram were together for life – REALLY!!! Bcoz, everytime my MIL asked her to give something to Su-Mama, she used to take my name and vice-versa.  Whenever she saw Su gng out also, it seems she used to ask him about me!

One day, I was returning from the Dhobi’s shop after collecting our clothes. She opened the door for me and immediately said ‘Su Mama dress’  An instant reaction saying that if I was getting them, it had to be  Su Mama’s 😛  Somehow, it was so touching  🙂 🙂

4)  My MIL sits for her daily puja rituals  for long hours during the day.  She usually starts @ about 10 after we leave for work and goes on till about 1-2.   One day, we had to attend some function and so she started her puja @ 6 a.m so that she could finish it earlier and all of us could leave together. Su had gone to the saloon and I was sitting and reading some book in the room.  I had no idea about what was to be the breakfast for the day or if there would be anything 😛  At about 9, FIL came and asked me if I was hungry. I flashed my most gentle smile, which ofcourse said a lot 😉  FIL is famous for experimenting tooo many things in the kitchen – so much so that MIL tries her best to stay in the kitchen all the while when he is cooking. He ends up exhausting most of the contents.  So, when he said he would make something special for the two of us that day, I was more than excited to savour the same.  And then, it was time  – Spicy Oats Soup was his new creation 😉 Keeping in mind that I loved spicy food, he had come up with this new dish [must be noted that he hardly eats spice and adds sugar to anything and everything]

Well, lemme just say that I have not asked him for it’s recipe till today 😛  In my hurry to finish eating, I took spoonfuls @ a time and started drinking water after each mouthful to push it down my food-pipe ASAP!!!!!  And this made him think I had lovvved it and he served me some more 🙄  Me, the newly-wed bride, who still had a long way to go in impressing her new family could not take any chances. I gulped down the second installment too and ran to the wash area to clean the bowl immediately.  Hmmm, love and concern score above everything 8)

Oh ya! Life is beautiful 🙂