The November NaBloPoMo Madness :)

Hola! Shubha Deepavali everyone. πŸ™‚

If just my return to this space and that title haven’t confused you enough already, let me garnish it some more by telling you that a whopping 21 of us have decided to try and dust off our blogs, and get writing again as a toast to the good times before. πŸ˜€


It all started with Su asking me about the time at which we had reached Satara during a road trip from Bengaluru to Mumbai a good 2 years ago. I did recollect the exact details after putting together a few pieces of memories in different corners of my mind, but missed this ready reckonder where I could come and just look for info. That was when it struck me on a whim – the idea of a NaBloPoMo that is. I instantly put up the idea on FB, and was overwhelmed to see the number of people who shared the madness. πŸ˜›

Oh well, this crazy gang is what had kept me glued to blogging for so long. That and the fact that people were just themselves in their little spaces; you meet them in real life and feel like you have known them forever. Along the course of the journey, I did feel that things had diluted in terms of a few blogging more for visibility, or even being hypocritical. It kind of added to that lack of time (though I am a firm believer in making time for things your love :P) and the inertia that had set in, and kept me away from blogging. But eh!, it does take all kinds to make the world, and those cases are few and far in between. The charm still stays, and it shone through again in the way that so many of us have gotten together to recreate that magical world we had found ourselves in before.

So, this could as well be called as the return of the intermittent bloggers. And here are my partners in crime. πŸ˜€ Let’s get this going! *though I have no idea what I would be blurting out for 30 DAYS!* *shudders*Β 

Do drop in a line if you want to be a part of all the craziness, and I will add you to the cosy, secret space we have for ourselves on Facebook. πŸ˜‰



















And then, (probably) the only two people whom I had met in the real world, before I got to know that they blog. Not sure they know of our craziness yet, psst. πŸ˜‰



Ashwini, Anusuya’s friend

ETA: New joinees πŸ˜‰ It’s 21+ from here on. πŸ˜€










Drumrolls Β Good luck to us!


  1. Can relate to everything you said Swaram πŸ™‚ If I could write a come back post someday (after inertia sets in like it does many a time), it would be what you said and there is nothing like a NaBloPoMo to set the mood πŸ™‚ Cheers!
    PS. I always have to look up NaBloPoMo coz’ I am so confused between NaPloBoMo (which is easier to say in my head somehow) and the NaBloPoMo πŸ˜› Okay, am officially mad, so just in time for this all.


  2. Sigh…I too wonder what to write for one month !!
    Anyway, lets wish each other good luck for the thought process to run wild so that we can write post after post πŸ™‚


  3. My best wishes to EAch one of you .. it will be so much funnnnnn reading each day new articles .. Go go gpo go and hey good to see a post from you….

    How are you doing ….


  4. Heyyy…. Swaram in back!!

    I blog now lot more than I ever did but can’t miss being a part of this fun and crazy gang!! Add me up..pretty please! 😊😘


  5. Way to go Swar.. thanks for I have no option but to start writing… I did a blog marathon all by myself in July and was very happy about it .. I was thinking of doing another one when you said it just then.. thank you once again.. now let me get cracking…
    take care


  6. Hope you had a wonderful Deepawali.

    Swar, I’ve done the first post. A complete cheat post but this NaBloPoMo will have plenty of those πŸ™‚ Complete madness this thing is, but oh so very tempting and fun to do.


  7. though I have no idea what I would be blurting out for 30 DAYS! shudders ” Same pinch, Swar!

    Hope your post is what was needed to get me up and running πŸ˜€

    Good luck to us πŸ™‚


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