Su and I are road trip junkies; travel junkies on a whole, but nothing beats the joy of being on your own, leaving when you like, going to nooks and corners as you fancy, and just go on an exploration. We do one or two long ones every year, and a couple of short ones every now and then. This is our major rejuvenation, one (almost THE) way we recharge our batteries. Β The joy of experiencing the changing terrains, cultures (especially in a nation as diverse as our’s!), the food – sometimes the same fare manifested in different forms, is something few other things in life can live up to.

One of the best things about the move to Bengaluru has been that we have been able to take the parents along on a couple of them too – Amma and Daddy to Rajahmundry, and Atte (my MIL) to Mumbai and around.

I wonder how I took the NaBloPoMo with all the travel that I am on to this month. πŸ˜‰ Oh well, what’s life without some chaotic fun, eh?! And so, as we embark on another day trip to Kanchipuram-Vellore today, here’s me hitting publish to inaugurate the season and rushing out before the waiting-downstairs-husband calls me again. Tata!