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This is my entry for Artsy-Craftsy Challenge May 2010 @ Mindful-Meanderings. Thanks Shruti for hosting such a wonderful event and giving us a chance to get crafty πŸ™‚

The Ganesha @ the centre is made on a thermocol plate and its very simple. I had made this for the Ganesha Puja last year.

Things required:

Thermocol plate [the normal ones we use for parties etc..]

Acrylic colours

Glitter glue [I used golden colour on the maroon Ganesha cut-out]

A few pearls with ball pins [the ones we use for french braid etc.. which I bought from a fancy store]

The Ganesha cut-out is from the cover of a wedding invitation. I usually save such designs and also the colourful sweet dabba covers which can be used as rangolis to adorn the floor during festival days πŸ™‚

The procedure is probably self-explanatory, but let me outline the way I went about:

  • I first stuck the Ganesha cut-out on the plate as I wanted the parts between the cut-out to be white and only the surrounding areas to be coloured.
  • Then I painted the outer areas yellow and let the plate dry. Followed it up with some alternating designs on the plate using red and green. Then I used the pearls with ball-pins in the centre of these designs. [Small mirrors/sequins would have been great too .. I could not get any]
  • I used glitter glue to highlight the boundaries of the cut-out and also to make some designs on the trunk, the ears and the crown.

Thermocol Plate Ganesha is ready πŸ™‚

P.S: This is the pic I had posted as a part of my Ganesh Puja post. Sorry, I cannot post a better one .. no broadband @ home yet /drives blocked @ work 😦