The Song of Life

In love with life

Taking education to them

An ailing mother in want of a bottle of blood belonging to a rare group, and the difficulty in finding one - what could that do to a young boy? Scare him ofcourse, but also inspire him to work on... Continue Reading →


Because they left me spellbound ….

....these paintings I mean. The Ganesha-Shiva Linga and Krishna-Sudama are my favourites 🙂 Who do you think the artist is? It's a little girl, pursuing a degree in leather design now, who made all be these when she was just... Continue Reading →

Another day, another inspiration

Can't believe it's been 5 days here already. Time has flown, and in between all the running around, late nights, very early mornings (my favourite time of the day!), what has remained a constant is the inspiration factor. Yet again,... Continue Reading →

The Agra Adventure

An impromptu trip to Agra for a meeting - waiting at the bus stop in the cold because one of the team mates gets late (by no less than 2 hours! :P) - seats you have been holding on to... Continue Reading →

Saving Sparrows

When was the last time you spotted this little cute bird? On the verge of extinct, we now hardly get to spot these childhood companions. What's amazing though is the efforts that are being led towards keeping them alive, and... Continue Reading →

What does it take to be happy?

Very little, just a broken chair will do too. 🙂 

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