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The Gujarat trip in a nutshell

We are back from one of the best trips of our life. I know I say that at the end of each of them, but that's what life is all about right? Living in the moment, and treasuring it all.... Continue Reading →


Stolen glances

One of the choicest blessings in my life is that I get to visit the nooks and corners of India, and learn a lot from every place and it's people.  If being born in a travel crazy family and married to... Continue Reading →

Ever visited an Aalemane?

Aalemane is the place where jaggery is made from sugarcane. It's not easy to miss sensing the same, even from a distance, owing to the aroma that can never fail to draw to your attention. Eating that hot and fresh... Continue Reading →

The might of Mother Nature

The might of Mother Nature is expressed in more ways than one, each one making you feel that there could not be another alike. The mountains (I belong there!), the sea (need I tell you more?), the mighty Ganges (Wow!)... Continue Reading →

Bidding adieu ..

... to Kanchi. Did you think I would let go of this space so easily? 😉 I have been planning to wind up the Kanchi series, but a lot came up in between. Also, it would not do justice to just... Continue Reading →

UpNorth for a change ;)

I travel to Delhi atleast 3-4 times a year. Must have been there atleast a dozen times now, but have hardly *seen* anything, if we are talking about the usual things on the check list. However, working on setting up... Continue Reading →

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