I had just started writing an elaborate, heartfelt post, when Su who was out running some errands called and asked me to get ready and dash down in about 10 mins. He was excited about this new Mexican-n-Italian dine-in he had just discovered, and wanted to test the waters immediately.  ‘Euki’ was not very far from home, and had great reviews too. He had duly called the sister too, who is mostly his partner-in-crimedine, since they both are open to experimenting with food, while I mostly stick to permutations and combinations within my comfort zone. Su especially loves Mexican and Italian, while I moslty hate cheese. 😛 You get the drift, right? 😉

Anyway, off we went, eager to savour what Euki had to offer.  Euki is this nice, quaint place, a pure veg one, with a variety of fare to choose from. We had to wait for about 20 mins before we got to seat ourselves, but were surprised to receive our first set of stuff within 5-8 mins. Quick service truly turned out to be one of the feathers in Euki’s hat.

We started with an assortment of nuts garnished with spices, onions and tomatoes, and stuffed rice balls made of risotto, and both tasted delicious. Su had quinoa with falafels and beans, while I chose the familiar focaccia with sundried tomatoes and grilled vegetables.  There was Tiramisu ofcourse, and a mango-based mocktail which had diced bell pepper afloat.  Everything tasted delicious – the chefs here truly know their job!

Don’t have many pics, but wanted to share the ones I have, to make this feel like a complete post. 😛

Do visit the place if you are in Bengaluru. And if you are not, come visit us and the treat is on me. 😉