An ailing mother in want of a bottle of blood belonging to a rare group, and the difficulty in finding one – what could that do to a young boy? Scare him ofcourse, but also inspire him to work on a database of rare group donors. He then moves to the capital to work more on the issue; something in the eyes of a child asking him for money strikes him hard, and he decides to work on their education. That’s Vivek in a nutshell. Situations which could only bog down people and make them lose hope, motivate Vivek to do something about them.

And that’s how Save Child Beggar was born.  And in just 11 months, caters to more than 1000 ragpickers and children who beg on the roads, in 17 slums across Delhi. The tutors are all college students, who do their bit either before or after being on the listening side themeselves.

The route we took.
Vivek calling out to the kids.
Trying to get them to school … almost an everyday affair.
The make-shift school.
My bags hanging in there. They go with me, everywhere. 🙂
Touching scenes … she was amazing!
That’s his favourite seat he says!
She was happy she could do 5-digits addition. 🙂

With such youth, what else does a nation want? Let me know if you want to contribute to the school anyway, and I will connect you with them. We are supporting them with school kits, and other requirements like carpets, blankets and wollen too. 🙂

P.S1: 600th post this one! 🙂 Should have come much earlier I know, but glad to reach the milestone, and hope to continue recording those moments here.

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