….these paintings I mean.

The Ganesha-Shiva Linga and Krishna-Sudama are my favourites πŸ™‚

Who do you think the artist is? It’s a little girl, pursuing a degree in leather design now, who made all be these when she was just 11-13!!! They are my hosts since yesterday night, and I just can’t have enough of her work. She feels these are amateur, ya! I have gone through all the old folders, and she is born blessed. Her mother says it’s a god-given gift, her ability to paint so well. No training at all, just her own original ideas and work.

What else can I say? I was looking for the name of the artist on this painting below, when her Mom told me that it was all made by the in-house one, and that someone had offered to *buy* the same for 40k.


The girl refused ofcourse; this is her passion. Have told her though that am ready to accept/ buy any of them, whenever she feels they are not good enough! πŸ˜‰ I think they are masterpieces! Her Mom was saying she has even hidden some of them because she thinks they are not that good! Phew!