An impromptu trip to Agra for a meeting – waiting at the bus stop in the cold because one of the team mates gets late (by no less than 2 hours! :P) – seats you have been holding on to since he has been saying ‘paanch minute’ forever, being snatched by others – reaching Agra earlier than expected and visiting the Taj; one item ticked off the list, though it didn’t really feature on mine, or better put, had more above; beautiful no doubt, but the distorted history makes me wail – yet again, the folks turning up  late for the meeting because of some emergency they were caught in – running between pillar and post, err 3 different chowks, thanks to people pointing us in a different direction everytime we asked them where we could get a bus to Greater Noida from – waiting for 2+ hours for a bus until 9.30 pm  – making up half the mind to head to Vrindavan and stay in a dharamshala for the night – finally finding a car, with the driver Arjun willing to drop us all the way home – being a little worried about how safe it was!? – turns out the driver has been thinking the same too πŸ˜› – finally back home before 1am! – companions telling me am way too cool even at such times, ahem. Phew!

P.S : Expected (atleast) the Taj to be cleaner, if not the entire city. The sight of Yamuna killed me. 😦 😦 😦 

Visiting the Taj – check

Clicking the mandatory framed picture – check

Making a post out of it and completing the 22nd one, with my phone display having gone kapoot at that – check