Happiness is ….

…. being able to accomplish a lot in a day, even things that you never expected to be done that day. *touchwood*

…. a simple breakfast of Paniyarams and tomato chutney turning out to be completely droolicious, and seeing Su savouring the same with all his heart. #sweetlittlethings

…. having a friend who lends you her vehicle to run an urgent errand, so that you can save the little money the ATM is lending you, even when she needs to rush home and cook something special for her brother flying down to meet her. #countingmyblessings

…. being able to book the last available room in 2 of the most beautiful eco resorts in Kutch, completely run by the villagers and local artisants. #WanderersWeAre

…. ACTUALLY BEING HERE ON THE D-DAY! A once in a lifetime opportunity if you ask me. People throng the Rann to see her under the full moon, and this is like the icing and cherry and everything else on the cake 😀 #Speechless


….. inching closer to the 600 posts milestone! 😀