The might of Mother Nature is expressed in more ways than one, each one making you feel that there could not be another alike. The mountains (I belong there!), the sea (need I tell you more?), the mighty Ganges (Wow!) and so on. While it makes us realize how insignificant we are, and hits down our ego at once, it also makes us feel one with everything the very next instant and energizes us to believe that we can do anything (duality vs non-duality?).

One such expression is definitely that vast expanse of salt desert, well known as the Rann. I was completely bowled over by that ocean of white sand that lay all around me, when I visited the Rann a couple of years ago.


A dream that I had nursed from the time I  visited Rann in 2013, was to take go there along with Su. 🙂 I knew he would love the place as much as I did, if not more. 🙂 It’s a marvel, a place that everyone has to visit atleast once on their lifetime.

Sometimes, it takes a while for dreams to come true, but when they do, you are showered with much more than what you expected or wished for. 😀 We are going there in December, on a road trip at that! A much desired and deserved (ahem  :P) timeoff for ourselves, with enough time to spend exploring around. Also taking the parents to Dwaraka and Somnath in between. Keeping our fingers crossed right now. 😀 Can’t curtail my excitement already!  😉

This picture that I had taken during my solo adventure in Kutch says it best!


You can read more about my Kutch travel tales here, here and here. 🙂  I loved reading them again, hence linking them here. Err, you reading them would make me happier ofcourse. 😉