‘The Heat and Dust Project: The Broke Couple’s Guide to Bharat ‘ 
With a title like that, which travel freak needs any other reason to pick the book, eh!? ;).

Am so glad I got over that phase of not enjoying reading on the kindle so much; books which catch my fancy can be bought and devoured instantly. 😀 And that is what I did with this one too.


This book traces the journey of Saurav and Devapriya, a couple like any other, living in Delhi and on the verge of getting into EMIs and *settling down* in life, who change their course of life by embarking on a transformational journey across India, on a shoestring budget. They quit their jobs and start their journey, taking us with them through different landscapes and diverse cultures. With just Rs.500/- as their budget for each day, they give in for hotel rooms which they wouldn’t have chosen otherwise, sometimes accept dinner invites from random strangers without a second thought, think a 100 times about the amount they spent on that one bottle of mineral water, and make some friends for life. 🙂 The entire story, told in turns by D and S, make you feel that you are right there, where they are! They tell the stories of connecting with people, and relishing the rhythm of the place, and not about ticking off places to visit from their checklist. And that’s exactly why I loved the book. 🙂 Also how their styles of writing are so different, but complement each other so well.

I only thought the story ended way too early, though you do get to know why it is so too. May also be because my dil was maanging more. 😉 All in all, a good book to spend your time and money on. Do let me know if you have read/ happen to read the book, on what you feel about it.