I have a fascination for history, especially Indian. I pursued Science because I wanted to,  I am a tech freak and absolutely enjoyed my tenure as a programmer; but I LOVE History. It is history that I turn to when I want a good reading experience, it’s reading history that makes me feel better (almost) instantly, it’s history that I believe has answers to many problems persisting right now. All in all, I finally decided to *study* history some two years ago, and was in a dilemma between pursuing it full-timer or through distance education. I was almost sure being on campus as a full-time might not be for me, since I already had my plate full, but I had never been sure about distance learning. But it looked like something I could still add on to my already filled plate, and KSOU (Mysore) was where I actually wanted to pursue it from. Unfortunately, the famed university happened to be derecognized by UGC (for changing some course/ syllabus without communication), and had me waiting until now. When they did not get back their recognition even this year, I turned to IGNOU, which is supposed to be well known across quarters. I applied, and then started wondering how I would even be able to squeeze this between infinite other things. I do believe though, that I perform best when am fully loaded. 😉

My experience with IGNOU (atleast the regional centre in Bengaluru) has been really really bad. They always keep the receiver off (seen it with my own eyes), never communicate about the avaialability of course material etc.., never respond to mails, and so on. 😦 I have heard from people that it’s much better, infact very good too, in some cities. Anyway, I happened to get one letter (the first one!) inviting me to attend the classes from Oct 12th – Nov 13th, spread over 6 days. Only point being that I received it only on November 8th. 😀 😀  Attending classes was not mandatory or anything, but I wanted to really get a feel of what it was like to get back to being a student, wanted to meet my classmates and teachers, and wanted to know the structure of the program (assignments etc..).  Interestingly, I had to say ‘No’ to a school which had invited me to address students today, to be one myself. 😀

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, though there was not much being taught. They only ran throught the syllabus, and asked us to write atleast 20 pages while answering every single question, as part of the internal assignments. 😉 I was happy to see the student in me alive, answering questions depending on my own understanding of things, and asking questions too (ofcourse enjoyed this more :P). Infact, one student asked me if I had already started preparing notes, haha!

The subjects look interesting and I do hope I have the patience to write those pages and pages as answers! Sigh, I so wish we could key in answers. Wonder when was the last time I wrote anything more than a couple of lines. Wish me good luck, and pass on any kind of tips/ suggestions/ recommendations you have. 🙂

Nuttie, while you have gone on to become Professor Nut, am looking forward to enjoy my stint on the other side, after what seems like ages. 😀