Am glad I cleared a couple of posts off my reader, before venturing into writing my own for the day. 😀 Got this idea from Shilpa’s post. Thank you so much Shilpa. 🙂 Am sure this is gonna be one happy exercise, and serve as a reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

So, here are 99 things I love, in no particular order. Am including things (literally), feelings, experiences, and anything else under the sun. 😉

  1. Husband working from home (once in a while) . Just so that I come back to someone opening the door for me. Yes, am selfish that way. 😛 And sometimes get to savour some kitchen experiments too. 🙂
  2. Having friends at work who can be givers and recipients of critical feedback, and still continue being the same old good company for each other.
  3. Fridge magnets (Am a sucker for them!)
  4. Pattachitra paintings (Have atleast 4 of them, including one of Nava Durga custom-made for us by artists from Raghurajpur, who had a stall at Shilparamam. They also gifted us one of Krishna-Radha. Such treasures.)
  5. Decluttering (Soothes me like few other things do!)
  6. Cooking (Therapeutic)
  7. Doing up our home the rustic, eco-friendly, desi way
  8. Research in general, expecially for good things and practices that can make way into our home.
  9. TRAVEL and PLANNING for the same daaaays in advance. 😀 So glad to have a like-minded partner. 🙂
  10. This page that I follow on facebook – Laughter riot!
  11. Reading travelogues.
  12. Connecting with random people and learning from each of them.
  13. Reading in general.
  14. Kindle. Never thought I would ever be able to embrace this invention, but I am so thankful for it now.
  15. Seeing Amma-Daddy so active in their post-retirement lives and making the best of it, being helpful to others in their own way. *touchwood*
  16. A close-knit, happy family, who need no reason to get together.
  17. Music, and that the husband and I have similar choices.
  18. Random humming that both of us are engaged in, especially during long drives, without realizing that we have been doing so for a long time. 🙂
  19. Silly jokes that we crack at each other. 😉
  20. Silly fights; we hardly fight for *real* reasons. 😛
  21. Being friends with weavers, terracotta artisans and the like. Cherish knowing them first-hand.
  22. My work, and being able to make a difference. ❤
  23. Being able to juggle responsibilities, and do justice to each of them. (I try my best, and never get stressed. 🙂 )
  24. Swami Vivekananda – my guiding light!
  25. A huge collection of books, and how both of us treasure them, and keep adding to the collection.
  26. The little garden that our balcony houses. And absolutely no chemicals used on them. 🙂
  27. Floating flowers. 🙂
  28. My own company. As much as I enjoy being with people, I value my ‘Me time’ too.
  29. That our entire apartment complex segregates waste, and takes it very seriously.
  30. For the freedom (and support) I have from my family, especially parents and Su. I would have probably still done the things I want to, but having them along the journey means A LOT!
  31. Su for the amazing person that he is. Absolutely no non-sense guy. 🙂
  32. My parents being so open about the decisions we take in life, for being totally non-interfering.
  33. My BFFs. We can meet, talk after ages and still take it off from where we had left last.
  34. Watching re-reruns of the old CID episodes together; especially when we hardly watch TV. Go on, judge us. 😉
  35. Celebrating festivals, and making arrangements for them.
  36. Indian History. Did I tell you am even pursuing a degree in MA (History)? 🙂
  37. Morning walks.
  38. Bhagat Singh (Has always been my hero!).
  39. Ramakrishna Math.
  40. Hills! They are my go-to places!
  41. Rains. Who doesn’t love them? Petrichor, aaaaah! 😀
  42. Like-minded women am glad to be friends with, and that we are always talking about solutions. 🙂
  43. Indian Army! And the fact that we have been able to spend quality time with a couple of them. 🙂 
  44. Good fortune of having seen the remotest corners of India, experience the diverse and local culture, and meeting inspiring lives.
  45. Getting to do all the things I love, as a part of the responsibilities I shoulder.
  46. Friends who bring back souvenrs from all their trips, and the kinds I love – a pebble, a flower. 🙂
  47. Sarees.
  48. Brass utensils.
  49. Drinking water from a copper carafe.
  50. Writing in this space, and reading other blogs. How I missed connecting with you all, during that unintended break!
  51. Leh-Ladakh.
  52. Haridwar.
  53. Mysore.
  54. Bengaluru weather (Still the best. 🙂 )
  55. Collecting varieties of bookmarks. 🙂
  56. Backpacking. 🙂
  57. Hiking/ trekking.
  58. Sea.
  59. Collecting shells.
  60. Browsing for recipes, books to read, decor ideas.
  61. Handmade.
  62. Su’s Chacha – my best friend. Best example of showering unconditional love on people. And the way he calls me ‘Beti’, and really means it. 🙂
  63. Ice-cream from Ibaco, Cream Stone Concepts and Polar Bear (especially these three. 😉 )
  64. Mapro Garden. (We so wanna fo there again, and don’t mind going to Panchgani only for this. 😛 )
  65. INDIA!
  66. Spiritual upbringing.
  67. Make to-do lists, and tick off the tasks on completion. Aah, that feeling of satisfaction. 🙂
  68. Photographs of snow and fall.
  69. Being on my own on the road.
  70. My sister, though I fight with her for almost everything. 😛
  71. My basic prayer routine every morning and night.
  72. Staying close to both sets of parents. *touchwood*
  73. Our December lammmmmbi road trip ritual. 😉
  74. Rice and Rasam, especially when you return home after a long trip.
  75. Golgappa/ Pani Puri/ Puchka, what’s in a name eh?. 😉
  76. I rarely want or like them, but days when you can laze around. Feel good for a change.
  77. The power of possibilities!
  78. Be the reason for someone’s smile.
  79. A ‘tumbler’ of coffee with Amma, Daddy and sister. Su and I don’t drink anything on a daily basis. I enjoy the occassional cup of coffee that my Dad makes. 🙂
  80. Rasam and Bhendi sambar made my Daddy.
  81. Amma’s cooking.
  82. The relationship Su shares with my side of the family. They love him more than me, and I am secretly happy about it. 🙂
  83. My ability to lift my own spirits up and bounce back, when someone makes me feel low.
  84. Blessings from elders.
  85. Shilparamam. I so miss the place!
  86. First hand experience of the potential of youth, and harnessing it for the betterment of the nation.
  87. Jackfruit. 🙂
  88. Basundi, one of the very few sweets I like.
  89. Wildlife; and yet again, the fact that we both share the love.
  90. Cinnamon.
  91. Copper bells.
  92. Orderliness. (Because this is the first and the only thing the husband said, when I told him about the prompt. 😉 )
  93. Buttermilk; I have to end every meal with this!
  94. India Gate.
  95. Puri Jagannath temple.
  96. Train journeys.
  97. Getting down at each station during the journey, and savouring the local specialty if possible. 😉
  98. Dabeli, especially the ones I had in Bhuj! *slurp*
  99. Myself. :PPhew! Done for the day. 😀 Thanks again, Shilpa.