I travel to Delhi atleast 3-4 times a year. Must have been there atleast a dozen times now, but have hardly *seen* anything, if we are talking about the usual things on the check list. However, working on setting up a base in the northern part of India ensures that I be there for a considerable amount of time, and this has almost made Delhi my second home. I can tell you where you could stop over a good Lassi in Patel Nagar, or feast on some good Gol Gappas in Greater Noida, or where you could have simple Rajma Chawal elsewhere. 😀 I feel like a localite on the Metro, complete with a Metro Card for myself and know where you could buy tees with the perfect quotes in CP.  😉 I have homes I can stay in, in any part of Delhi-NCR. I can even tolerate the Delhi heat, insite of my own local team telling me not to go there during certain times of the year. 😀 If that is not ‘seeing’ a place, then what is!? 😀 I have only been able to see India Gate and offer a silent prayer, thanks to passing by the place ‘n’ number of times, and got to spend some quality time at Akshardham thanks to a cancelled meeting once upon a time.

It was my good fortune that I got to visit Mathura and Vrindavan on my last visit in June, on my way to initiate activities in Agra. Saying that I loved the places would be an understatement. There is something even amidst all that chaos that makes you feel good from within. What less could you expect from the Leela Kshetras, soaked in Krishna’s love and blessings!

Look at the sheer number of devotees on the way to catch a glimpse of their beloved Banke Bihari!


Flowers for offering being sold on the way. How can they not catch your eye!


The temple of Banke Bihari. You can hardly find the right angle to click, without punching someone in the face.  😉 This is all I could manage to get, enough to savour the memories though. 


And then, Mathura – Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi. Your phones etc.. are to be deposited in the cloak room outside, but records ke liye ek pic to banta hai.  🙂


Along with the Dwarkadeesh temple built later, the complex also houses the underground prison and the stone bench on which the Lord was born. It breaks your heart to know and see the impact of the invasions by Ghazni and Lodhi, but we can only be thankful for the remnants and vibes of Nandalala that are still intact .

I only wish these places could be maintained better, but that can just not stop you from visiting them. Such is the charm they wield on you. Radhe Radhe!