The temple town of Rameswaram

Rameswaram is one of the most satiating places for the soul. It is one among the widely revered pilgrimage sites in India. It is from this place that Sri Rama built a bridge to reach Goddess Sita in Lanka. Also, Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiva here to absolve him of all the sins of the war.

Along with the main Sri RamanathaSwami temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rameswaram houses many other places of mythological significance related to the Ramayana.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

  • Ramar Padham – This temple houses the imprints of the feet of Lord Sri Rama. It also offers amazingly beautiful views of the town.

2a (968 x 648)

The view from the second storey
The view from the second storey
  • The Teerthams

We spotted these holy sources of water including wells, ponds etc.. known as ‘Teertham(s)’ all over the town, in the names of various characters from the Ramayana. The best thing was that they were being resurrected and maintained really well.

As evident from the pic of Lakshmana Teertham below, it appears that they had been built by the respective members, to absolve themselves of their sins.

3 (816 x 612)

3a (816 x 612)

3b (816 x 612) 3c (816 x 612)

There was also a temple dedicated to Lord Sugreeva beside the above Teertham.

3d (816 x 612)

3e (816 x 612)

3f (816 x 612)

We also spotted the Rama and Sita teerthams with great difficulty and help from the locals (still not sure about them, hence not posting pics). They were really dirty and looked forbidden too; very surprising since all the others seem to have been revived and are being maintained well.

One of the Teerthams was breathtakingly beautiful! Take a look.

3g (816 x 612)

3h (816 x 612)

Shiva temple at the Villondi Teertham
Shiva temple at the Villondi Teertham
  • Panchamukhi Hanuman temple3j (816 x 612)The main attraction of this temple is that it houses the floating stones which are believed to be from the bridge built by Rama and his army.
  • Kothandaramar temple

Yes! Vibheeshana was crowned here, right at this place.

4 (816 x 612)

4a (816 x 612)

Tell me if you have travelled by a route as scenic as this! Mind-blowingly beautiful. We stopped mid-way and spent so much time looking around and soaking it all in. I could go there again just for a glimpse of this.

DSC_5668 (968 x 648)

Can you spot the temple at the distance?

DSC_5690 (968 x 648)

That’s it from Rameswaram. I enjoyed going through those bundles of pics and posting this today. Hope you did reading through it too 🙂

2 more posts to go 😛  From not posting for an entire year, to 30 posts in as many days – not bad huh? ‘touchwood‘ and hope to be back home in time tomorrow to post the last two. Too tired and sleepy for it now 😀  Good night!

Hum along :)

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