I started 2 days late, and missed posting on 2 more days, which in essence means that I am 4 posts behind 😐 I am committed to complete 30 posts this time, having made this comeback itself with great difficulty 😛 It’s so difficult to restart something, just like I have been trying to restart learning music for the last 7 years or so. 😦 I know most people would have unsubscribed from my blog now, and there are hardly people reading it, but am enjoying writing and hope to continue being regular. But 30 posts is what I shall surely do 😉

So to give you an update on the book donation campaign, some big-hearted donors made it possible much before the end date itself; just in 2 days to be precise. 100 wonderful books are now going to be in the hands of the kids, making them one happy lot. 🙂 That the donors chose to remain anonymous says much more about them and how the world is still a good place at large 🙂 God bless them! I shall surely share pics and feedback from the kids once we receive the books.

In other news, the best thing about being back here is that am getting to meet the family and my little cousins who have grown up oh so much in the years that passed by, quite often.  Last week, we dropped into meet my aunt-uncle and youngest paternal cousin B, whom I was seeing after a long long time. She has grown to be such a graceful young lady! She had scored amazingly well in her 12th exams (Centum in PCM and 99 in B) and is currently pursuing a degree in engineering. Ofcourse am proud of her, but what made me happier is that she has not let her creative interests and talent go waste. She had always loved drawing and painting as a kid and thankfully has still kept at it. She has also started learning guitar and dabbles in stitching-embroidery too. Phew!

Here are a few of her artworks. 

Awesome, no?:)

5 more posts to go 😛